Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Santa Club by Kelly Moss

The Santa Club is a Children's reader.

Do you believe in Santa?  Do you believe he is real??  This book answers that question with love and faith. 

This book shares with the reader, a special club in which almost everyone can join, providing they wish to know the answer to whether Santa is real or not.  You are warned not to read the book without an adult present and that you will not tell another child about the book or the answer to the question, without first getting permission from an adult first.

The Santa Club shares a wee bit of history about St. Nick with children as well as explaining Jesus' role in the Christmas day pageantry.  It explains how everyone has a role in spreading faith, love, joy and happiness by giving instead of receiving.

Included at the back of the book you will find a certificate of membership, along with congratulations on joining "The Santa Club."

I loved the message this book had to share, how everyone has a role to play and if everyone did their part, then it would be easy to share and spread love.  I enjoyed how the message was explained to the children, in a direct but honest approach.  I truly did like how Kelly Moss brings the message to light, this is a way that anyone could look at the answer and realize how we must all work together to share Grace.

I wasn't impressed with the illustrations, I found Santa to be just a tad creepy, I'm sorry, but his nose looks like there is an index finger hanging off the end of it and I cannot shake that thought.  I also wasn't fond of the dark outlining drawn around the characters, giving them an almost depressing look and feel to them.  When I think Christmas, I think colour, and lots of it!!  When it comes to dealing with Christmas, I feel the colour black should only be found in coal, hair colour, santa's boots and the reindeers noses.

I would give this book a three and three quarter stars out of five, while I thoroughly enjoyed the message and the prose found within the pages, the pictures do not do the book any justice.  If your a parent who needs help with the explanation, then this would make a great gift to give to your young one when they finally ask you the dreaded question..."Is Santa REAL??"

A delightful book with captivating illustrations, The Santa Club transitions your child from receiving gifts to experiencing the joy of giving. With sensitivity, faith, and love, The Santa Club tackles the serious question, Is Santa Claus Real? To be read with your child, this wonderful book not only answers that sometimes dreaded question but it also addresses the questions of why Santa comes at Christmas and who was the first Santa. The Santa Club is a wonderful parenting resource and a stunning childrens book, and is sure to become an annual family favorite.

** Disclosure: I did not accept any compensation from the sponsors other than review copies, my views are my own, reviewed by I see it~!! **