Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Turning Your Home Into A Fortress~!!

Our homes contain our expensive possessions, loved ones and those sentimental, irreplaceable items; it makes perfect sense that we all protective about out houses and their vulnerability to thieves. There will always be scammers with over-the-phone promises of Nigerian dollars being funded into your bank account, or cyber highwaymen offering miracle cures and diets just next to the “enter your bank details here” box. But what really hits home (no pun intended) is a breaking and entering on your property; the idea of strangers wandering around your empty house is enough to send a shiver up anyone’s spine, so in this article we’re going to look at some ways in which you can identify the weak spots in your homes security and make the changes you feel will make your home a much more difficult target for would be robbers.

CCTV Systems

Over the years the quality of camera-captured images has improved tenfold, and hardware that would have once been packed in bulk into a hefty camcorder can now be compressed into much smaller devices, making them much easier to install and support. CCTV cameras have two primary benefits, firstly they fact that they are well positioned in plain sight above main entry points to the building will deter a lot of unwanted interest to start with; secondly the intended and most practical use of the camera is to capture footage of any criminal activity or trespassing carried out on your property. If you capture anyone on camera damaging or stealing your property then then they will soon be looking for a criminal defence solicitor, as clear CCTV footage can be used as evidence against them in court. CCTV systems can be professionally installed with a recording system included; alternatively you can buy CCTV systems with built in wireless transmitters for an easy DIY installation.

Spotlights and Dummy Cameras
A popular deterrent of suspicious activity is a mounted spotlight with a built in motion sensor positioned above entry points to your property. When motion is detected within the designated area the spotlight will illuminate your yard and attract attention from neighbours and yourself.

Dummy cameras also serve as a popular deterrent, looking identical in every way to a CCTV camera, (some which are powered to move in the same way as a CCTV camera) dummy cameras have proved to be an effective way of securing an entry point to homes.

Driveway Alarms
Designed to alert occupants to an approaching vehicle or visitor, the driveway alarm can help to attract attention to anyone arriving at unexpected times. This is effective at night when anyone arriving at this time with a vehicle could possibly be up to something conspicuous. A badly positioned driveway alarm however, could prove to be nothing more than an annoyance, animals or moving foliage could break the perimeter of the alarm and set it off regularly. As the alarm is triggered when a perimeter is broken it will also sound when an object is leaving your premises, alerting you to a potential theft of your car, motorbike or anything else that could have you searching for motoring offence solicitors

Modern Doors and Windows
The best and most obvious way of securing your home from break-ins is to ensure thieves cannot get into your property. Modern PVC doors and windows are a fantastic way of making your home secure and unauthorised entry to the property. The doors have at least two think bolts securely in place when the door is locked and windows are often locked with a key from the inside making entry from the outside an sizable and difficult task. Although the purchase and installation of PVC doors and windows may be considerably expensive to home owners; modern doors and windows are definitely worth considering when burglar-proofing your home.

This article has been written by Daniel Travis - Brown, a writer of articles and scripts. Follow me on Twitter @DanTravisBrown. 'Turning Your Home Into a Fortress' is an article written on behalf of Gray & Co criminal defence solicitors and Just Motor Law motoring offence solicitors.