Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Top Three Ghost Stories

On the eve of October 31st the veil between this world and the next is at its thinnest and demons, ghosts and monsters can cross over to terrify the living. Well that’s the theory anyway, whether you like to spend your Halloween enjoying the excuse to dress up, go trick or treating, scare yourself silly with horror movies or just enjoy a good party you need to make sure you’re armed with a couple of really chilling ghost stories and here’s my pick of some of the more popular truly terrifying horror stories.

The Clown
Like all good camp fire stories this one starts with a baby sitter looking after some children for the night, once they’re in bed settled the baby sitter goes to watch TV just like the father told her she could do but the statue of the clown in the corner keeps freaking her out. After a while the phone rings as the parents check up on her, she tells them everything is fine and the kids are in bed and causally comments on the clown statue in the TV room. In a very calm but firm voice the father tells her to take the children and go to the neighbours, not questioning him the baby sitter does as told only to see the police which the father has called along with the parents pull up minutes later.

The parents don’t own a clown statue but their children have been complaining about a clown that keeps staring at them when they’re in bed. The clown was an escaped mental patient hiding in their home and froze still when he didn’t have time to hide.

The Weeping Angels
I’m a huge fan of Doctor Who and one of the episodes that truly scared me was Blink and the story of the weeping angels, if you have the chance, this episode of this science fiction television show is terrifying enough to rival anything to come out of Hollywood and is the perfect additional to any Halloween fright night.

The weeping angels appear as stone statues when you look at them but they can move the second they’re not being watched and they move quickly, in one blink they can cross a room and reach out to you. If they touch you they displace you in time and feed off the energy but they have been known to kill outright – being solid stone makes them very strong. Although they can’t talk they can take over the voice of someone they’ve just killed and there’s nothing quite as eerie as having a conversation over a radio or phone with someone as that point you realise you’re not talking to the person but rather the angel who’s just killed them.

If you’re having a fright night in this Halloween, kick it off with the hour long episode and you’ll never look at a statue in the same way again.

The Hook
Two high school sweet hearts are parked at a popular make out point but on this particular night it’s deserted due to the serial killer on the loose who is rumoured to be an old sea captain with a hook for a hand. Thinking the danger would be a turn on the boyfriend is amused when his girlfriend keeps insisting she can hear noises. Trying to keep her happy the boyfriend goes out to have a look and whilst he’s gone she’s sure she can hear the noises getting closer so she calls her boyfriend and tells him to come back to the car straight away.

Knowing a lost cause when he sees one the boyfriend agrees to take her home but the car struggles to pull away, after flooring it the car rights itself and they drive off. Pulling up outside her house he decides he should try to be the gentle man and walks round to open the door for her, he can see she’s still obviously still very shaky but when he comes round to open the door he goes very white and tells her just to get out the car and not turn around. Curious she does turn around to see what’s got him so scared and there hanging from the door handle is a severed hook.

Happy Halloween!
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