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10 Halloween Party Games

10 Halloween Party Games

Halloween is just around the corner, so why not start planning some petrifying party games to play with your little witches and wizards? Here are ten of the best to get you in the spirit.

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Apple Bobbing

Apple Bobbing is a challenging and messy game, great for a spooky Halloween evening and it is so easy to prepare. Simply fill a bucket of water almost to the top and drop in an apple for each player (along with a handful of plastic spiders for effect). When the guests arrive, give them one minute each to try and get an apple out of the water using just their mouths and reward the people who can do it with a Halloween-themed treat.

Murder in the Dark

A really creepy game great for a 31st October slumber party, Murder in the Dark will test the nerve of even the bravest thrill-seekers. First of all, take some cards, remove all Jokers and make sure just one King and one Ace is left in the pack. Deal out the remaining cards evenly and make sure that only you can see your hand. The person with the Ace is the murderer and the person with the King is the detective.

Next, turn out all the lights so the room is completely dark and find a hiding place in the house. The murderer must then go on a hunt for victims and kill them by tapping them on the shoulder. The detective must keep an eye out for the murderer without getting killed himself. When someone comes across a dead body they must shout "murder in the dark" and someone should immediately switch on the light. The detective must then guess who the murderer is – if they guess correctly the murderer loses, but if they don't the lights go back off for another round, until the killer is correctly identified.

If the detective gets killed he must quietly place the King card on his chest. When a body is discovered and the lights go on, the remaining suspects have to guess who the murderer is to save them all being killed.

Throw the Candy in the Pumpkin

A fun game for all ages, Throw the Candy in the Pumpkin as an excellent Halloween game. Simply carve a spooky- looking pumpkin and get the kids to take it in turns to throw 5 pieces of candy into the top from a set distance. The person who throws the most candy accurately wins all the sweets from the pumpkin. If there is a draw, get each person to throw a smaller sweet from a further distance until there is a winner.

Find the Spider

Hide a number of plastic creepy crawlies around the house including one gruesome spider. Send the little ones off to search for the beasties and tell them whoever his brave enough to find and pick up the spider will win a special prize. Tasty treats can include toffee apples, bags of popcorn or Mississippi mud pie (with jelly slugs and slimy snakes).

Pin the Nose on the Pumpkin

Pin the Nose on the Pumpkin is a Halloween adaptation of Pin the Tail on the Donkey and is great fun. You can either use a real pumpkin or put a picture up on a cork board. Each contestant must be blind folded and given a ready-made nose to place where they think it should go. Pierce the nose with a cocktail stick if you are using a real pumpkin or a drawing pin for a cork board. The winner of course gets a themed prize.

Musical Zombies

A version of Musical Statues designed especially for Halloween, Musical Zombies is a great party game. Ask everyone to dress up as zombies for the evening and put on some spooky party songs. Tell all guests that you will play music and when it stops they must stand as if they have frozen on the spot. The last person to stand still is out and this continues until you have a winner.

Pass the Parcel

Pass the Parcel is a classic party game and one that kids love. However, for this game you should replace all normal presents with spooky ones – think chocolate cats, edible eyeballs and Halloween stickers. Also make sure you swap happy songs for terrifying tunes and make it a chilling game.

Tell Tale

Turn off the light, light some candles and prepare for a story time with a twist. Start off the tale by introducing a spine-tingling setting and creepy characters before letting the next person take over. Each guest should be allowed one minute to carry on the story before passing it to the next person... the outcome will be spooktastic.

Wrap a Mummy

Divide the little ones into several groups of four (depending on how large your party is). Allocate one person to be the mummy and tell the rest of the group to wrap up their friend with toilet roll as quickly and neatly as they can leaving just the eyes and nose uncovered. The group to wrap their mummy completely wins and will get to enjoy chocolate dipped marshmallows or nachos and cheese.

Name That Spooky Tune

Split your guests into two groups and give the both a piece of paper and a pen. Next, play short snippets of spooky songs and let each team guess the song's name and who sang it. The team with the most correct answers wins a goody bag to take home (or a prize of something really neat!)

Enjoy a creepy Halloween party to remember this year – if you dare...

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