Monday, October 24, 2011

Oya Costumes

Oya Costumes Canada is delighted to bring you a wonderful selection of Halloween costumes 2011 that will be perfect for any holiday or fancy dress occasion. They review hundreds upon hundreds of costumes each year, carefully selecting only the best in order to bring you fun, bold and exciting costume choices.

In 2004 Faten Hodroge followed her dreams and founded Oya Costumes after a long and successful career in international finance and a few years as a full time Mom.

From its humble start in Montreal, Canada Oya Costumes has consistently doubled its sales yearly and has expanded exponentially as a result. Most recently, Oya Costumes moved its Montreal operation in 2008 to a new warehouse location at 4710 St-Ambroise to better serve our growing customer base.

In addition, US clients are also being served through our warehouse operation in Champlain, NY.

Oya costumes is a very selective company; they carefully inspect and select only the best to add to their collection in order to ensure that their customers are offered only the best products available.

They are constantly expanding their collection. In the past two years they have greatly expanded their collection adding shoes, boots and other accessories. This year they will adding hundreds of new costumes for 2011 including all new pet costumes

And what is in the name of Oya? 

Oya Costumes is named after Oya the fearless and strong African Goddess of storm and winds. Oya is the only God who dares to accompanies spirits to the netherworld because of her great inner strength.

As well, Oya loves to dance! Halloween originated with the Celts more than 2000 years ago in a society that blurred the boundaries between the world of the living and after life on the 31 October, Oya's strength fearlessness and love of dance makes her a perfect Halloween Goddess.

 Level up! With this adorable Deluxe Luigi adult costume. This costume presents an adult version of Super Mario Brother's Luigi-style jumpsuit with two flashy yellow buttons, inflatable tummy and a green "L" hat. Deluxe Luigi Costume contains:

* jumpsuit
* inflatable belly
* hat
* moustache.

Complete your Super Mario look with his symbolic hammer!

ARV $54.99

My Thoughts~!!

What an absolutely wonderful costume~!!  My son is infatuated with it and wants to wear it everywhere!!  He believes even AFTER Hallowe'en he is going to continue to wear the hat!!

The costume is very comfortable and roomy, with no restrictions in your movement.  The material is of decent Hallowe'en quality with velcro strips on the back to keep the costume together.  It was very very easy to put on and no one needs to help with donning the costume.

The moustache is adhesive and should stick nicely to the face, we haven't removed it from its backing as of yet, believing it to be a one use kind of item.

 The inflatable pack is easy to blow up and comes with velcro straps in order to secure it around your waist and neck.  My son doesn't believe Luigi to have a big belly, so he opted to give Luigi a big bum, which, according to his beliefs, is where he is more rotund.

After putting the costume on he proceeded to go the store and wave at folks as he went along.  My fourteen year old can be such the comic!!  He was even talking in an Italian accent and while he got some raised eyebrows, for the most part, everyone was enthralled with his outfit and his daring!!

I thought the people at Oya Costumes were very nice folks to work with; they have some GREAT selections to choose from!!  If I had to decide one for myself, I would've been there for days, however, my two sons decided back in the summer they wanted to be Super Mario Bros. characters, they even tried talking their sister into being Princess Peach but she wasn't having anything to do with their jocularity!!

I thought the shipping rates were very comparable and delivered in a timely fashion!!  I love that they are Canadian, they do ship to the United States or you can stop by their place if you happen to be in the area to pick it up yourself.  They are open most week days with extended hours in October.

Not only can they service your Hallowe'en needs but they have offerings for Christmas, mascots or if your putting on a play this year and need some really groovy costumes to allow you to appear authentic, then Oya Costumes is the place for you!  And don't forget to check out their awesome accessories!!

I believe that this is an outstanding Costume company who brings you affordable prices and imaginative, decorative and eye-inspiring costumes~!!

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