Thursday, October 27, 2011

How to Wear Leather According to Your Body Shape

James Dean & Marlon Brando - The Original Bad Boys
Long gone are the days when leather was worn only by the bad boys and girls. Today, all major designers use this fabric to create stunning pieces for the most chic women out there.

Now it is time that you revamp your wardrobe with some unique leather pieces, but you have to be sure the garment you choose suits your body shape, because when talking about leather it is all or nothing!

Here we give you some pieces of advice on how to wear leather according to your body type… pay close attention before you go on a leather-shopping spree:

1.  Leather style for busty chests

If you have big breasts, go for thin, butter-soft leather like shearling, which fits curvy figures very well because it is not rigid. Try on a loose style that leaves room to hold a big chest.

You will most certainly find a piece you will fall in love with, because the selection is big and the confections are top class.

Photo Credit:  DesignerDresses
2.  Leather style to cover big thighs

If you want to conceal your thighs to make them look thinner, try on, for example, a simple, straight leather dress with a casual A-line cut. Thicker leather works for you, because it will rest in a very natural way over your hips.

When wearing leather outfits, go for the simple look, and say no to zippers, pulls, or any other type of accessory, since this will only attract attention towards your difficult areas and the look will be too overwhelming.

3.  Leather style to disguise a belly

Vertical lines do the trick here. These add length to a round upper body and help cover protruding bellies.

For it to look really good, leather is usually close-fit to the body; however, this does not favor people with soft curves.

In this case, you have to look for leather jackets, blouses, shirts, or vests that have knit fabric on the stomach area to conceal it better.

4.  Leather style for petite women

Be very careful, because even though some leather styles look great on very thin figures -  for example, skinny pants - very small women can be at risk of concealing all their delicate curves under a very stiff leather garment.

To avoid a very thick fabric from eating up a very slim body, a skinny lady has to look for tailored pieces with very precise lines of stitching or with some kind of wrapping, to give the appearance that the leather piece fits her like a glove.

Petite women basically need cuts that enhance their curves, and this is very well achieved by triangle designs that create kind of an hourglass shape out of a very thin waist.

5.  Leather style to conceal the arms

    When trying to hide your arms, let the body of the leather do the work. Try on styles that have shaped sleeves, since these disguise very well arms that are out of shape. There are many leather designs out there that cover the arms but still exude sex appeal in a very subtle way.

    The secret is to look for leather tops where the sleeves do not touch the arms where these are wider; otherwise, your arms will look bulky.

    Wendy Jones is a freelance writer who loves her sheepskin coat.