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Spotlight & Giveaway - Tonya Macalino author of Spectre Of Intention

About the Author...

Tonya Macalino lives in Hillsboro, Oregon with her husband and two children. She is an avid collector of folklore and folk history, far too many to fit comfortably within the pages of any given book. When not working on her latest novel, she runs a handcrafted lotion, cosmetics, and bath company. 

The Subtle Difference Between Runaways and Pioneers
by Tonya Macalino

Thanks for having me over! My name is Tonya Macalino and I am the author of SPECTRE OF INTENTION, a paranormal thriller set on a space elevator adrift in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

At first glance, that might seem like a strange setting for a story about Kaitlin Osgood, a woman so lost in life she can’t even settle on her own identity. At first glance. But maybe after a few minutes of looking, a reader might realize that a space elevator is the perfect metaphor for a story that was originally titled “Runaways.”

So what is a space elevator? Well, as the space shuttle program ends, the space elevator is one potential alternative for delivering payloads into space. It is quite literally an elevator to space with (in this story) a mega-cruise ship on one end of the cable and a space station on the other.

And this becomes for Kaitlin the symbol of the ultimate means of running away.

Kaitlin has come to that place we all reach eventually, where she has to either face down what she fled or keep fleeing and let it eventually devour her. She looks up at that elevator and realizes she just isn’t that desperate anymore.

Over the course of the story, she comes to understand that not everyone who walks away is running, but that like the pilgrims and the pioneers that came before them, some of the people boarding that elevator are stepping forward to become something greater than what they were before—if they can just make that first brave, blind step.

Now, Kaitlin will have to decide if she, too, is ready to become a pioneer in her own right, a pioneer into a safe, honest life where deception can finally be laid to rest…or not.

Thanks again for inviting me to visit and I hope you take the time to meet Kaitlin Osgood in my book SPECTRE OF INTENTION

 About the Book...

“Secrets, Kaitlin. Secrets.” 

Kaitlin Osgood has a stowaway. 

Underneath the glossy shell of the Senior VP for Countermeasures International lurks the tattered remains of the girl she once was: street rat and thief, Ashley Porter. Every day, every decision is brittle with the fear of discovery. 

In the middle of the Pacific Ocean on the cruise ship acting as the platform for the latest space elevator, she should finally be safe… 

…safe from the sexy, enigmatic eyes of Director of Port Security Camden Glaswell who seems to see through Kaitlin’s ruse. 

…safe from the relentless, burning pursuit of master thief, Stephan Chen, the chief architect of Kaitlin’s former life of crime—the onetime lover who haunts her still. 

But Kaitlin has another secret: her talent for security comes not from the latest technology, but from her ability to sense people’s emotions, to see the ghosts of their intentions. 

It’s a talent she must learn to wield as a weapon before the mistakes of her past cost Kaitlin her life…

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