Saturday, October 29, 2011

Keep Kids Safe during Halloween

Research shows that double the number of children are injured or killed by Halloween-related accidents that could have been prevented had safety measures been followed. These incidents include getting hit by cars because drivers could not see children's costumes or children were not mindful of the traffic, getting injured by a sword, or burned by a candle of a jack-o-lantern. If parents and children follow a few safety tips they can enjoy a fun Halloween without any tragedies. 

Choose costumes that fit well so children will not trip over them at night and that are flame-resistant. Help children select ones that light-colored if possible so they will be more visible at night. Decorate costumes with reflective stickers to improve visibility even more. Since Halloween masks limit children's eyesight, decorate their faces with non-toxic face paint or make-up, remembering to test the make-up on the children first to check for allergic reactions. Even if your child's costume calls for it, prevent him from carrying a sword as he might accidentally hit another child. Provide children with flashlights so they can see better that night.

Carving Jack-o-Lanterns
Provide markers for children to draw funny faces on the pumpkins so that one of the parents can carve it out. Alternatively, let the children paint faces on the pumpkins with colored non-toxic paint. Keeping sure children are away from the knife, carve out their design. To prevent accidents, consider lighting your creation with a small glow stick instead. Display your scary pumpkin on a sturdy base, where it will not catch fire or tip over.

Trick- or-Treat Night
Accompany children younger than 12 years old trick-or-treating. Encourage older children to go out in groups and review the planned route with one of the parents and establish a meeting spot. Stay in your local neighborhood, only ringing the doorbell of houses with their porch light on. Tell children never to go into a neighbor's house, even if they know them. Walk along lighted sidewalks and only cross at official crosswalks. This helps drivers see children at crosswalks and they will be expecting larger amounts of children walking than normal so they be on high-alert.

Healthy Tips
Provide a healthy dinner for your children before they head out so they have some nourishment in them and will not just gorge on sweets. After returning home from trick-or-treating, divide treats into different piles such as chocolate candy, chips, and sour candy, while checking each wrapper. If you suspect it has been tampered with, throw it out.

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