Saturday, October 8, 2011

Your A Good Kid...Charlie Brown~!!

It was in the 1950s when Peanuts was created by the world famous writer Charles Schulz and since then he has become one of the most unforgettable characters that people from all ages could seem to relate to. In fact, in his first comic strip that the public has ever read, Charlie Brown was already the butt of jokes and ever since then, he became the most sought after part of the entire story line. People often find themselves looking forward to how Charlie Brown would react to all the bullying and it is not surprising to see how people find themselves smiling whenever they see him fail in his attempts to success. But more than that, Charlie Brown was the character that always rose up after every failure because he believed that there is still hope that someday he would succeed.

The story line did not change at all. Charlie Brown was kept as a character that was the epitome of failure but of hope. Since Schulz created him, there were only a few revisions to his character and Schulz practically kept him as he is. It is only his stylistics and art style that have improved through time to address the demands of the new batch of audiences.

In the beginning, Charlie Brown wore a plain white shirt which celebrated his simplicity. However, a year after the first publication of Peanuts by Schulz, he added the stripes in his shirt which was not to enhance his character but more on the demands of his artistic style. The character of Charlie Brown also seemed to grow older when Schulz made the comic strips. He grew about two years older since the first publication in 1950 when he was about four years old in the strips that came out in November 1957. In other references, Charlie Brown was believed to have grown to being eight years old.

There have been a lot of stories roaming around as to how Charlie Brown got his name. Some say that the source of the name was Schulz childhood friends. There were also others who said he was named after the famous author Charles Brockden Brown who wrote Edgar Huntly. However, the initial plan of Schulz for the character of Charlie Brown was quite different from how he turned out. He started as a playful character who would play tricks on the other characters in the series. In fact, in his initial plan, Brown had romantic overtones with the characters of Patty and Violet.

However, Charlie Brown’s character had indeed evolved into something that more people could relate to. He became the sad sack character that was enslaved by the characters of Snoopy and all the other characters of the comic strip. Undeniably, the character of Charlie Brown has become an inspiration.

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