Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Bronze by B. B. Shepherd

Allison knows she's a little different, but it hadn't bothered her too much. Not until now. Moving away from everything she's ever known to a new house, new neighborhood, and new school is bad enough, but it's her first year of high school too. She's even more aware of her social and physical limitations than before. Then there are the new people she meets: the tough-looking girl in her home room; the cute, but dangerous-looking boy she encountered before school even started; the quiet, older girl who keeps to herself; the sullen-looking, apparently isolated junior that obviously doesn't trust or like her at all. Can she trust them? While her peaceful new home seems to amplify her own doubts, she also begins to learn that things are not always what they seem. Her world is turned upside-down by these and other new 'friends,' two-legged and otherwise, and life soon becomes more interesting, and much more complicated.

Bronze is the first novel in The Glister Journals, a Young Adult fiction series in four volumes. Set in California, it is first and foremost a story of friendship. Themes include first love, high school, family relationships, and horses. Supplementary pages include a Vocabulary section and Questions for Discussion suitable for book clubs. Ages 15-Adult. Contains mild swearing.

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