Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Halloween is Coming! - What to Wear

Yesterday I went to a costume store in the local mall to look around and maybe even buy something. I have never really bought a lot of costumes from the store so I figured I would go take a look. When I got there, I found a Snow White dress that was really cute. When I looked at the price tag, I was shocked! $80 for a costume to wear once. There is no way people actually buy those, right? I don't even spend that much money on jeans or boots. Being in college limits a lot of our spending habits. Halloween is right around the corner and I need a costume fast. If any of you procrastinate like I do, you are probably scrambling to find one too! Here are some good ideas of last-minute and cheap costumes to throw together. 

As in, Where's Waldo? All you need is a red and white striped shirt, a pair of fake glasses and some sort of beanie. You probably already have at least one or two of those things.

Old Person
Buy some really ugly clothes at your local thrift store. Girls- put your hair up in a bun, guys- slick your hair into a comb over. Buy some glasses and hunch over as you walk. Extra accessory: a cane.

A Nerd
Wear some high pants and tucked-in shirt with suspenders. Also, slick your hair back and girls-put it in braids or pigtails. The nerdier, the better.

Colored Tights:
Green or brown tights would be best for this costume. Make a shell out of cardboard and paint it green and brown. Pin it on your back with safety pins and you become a turtle!

Wear black tights and get a black umbrella that you don't mind destroying. Rip or cut the umbrella in half and then pin them to your back. These wings are great but watch out that so they don't cut up anyone.

Dog or Cat
Black, brown or white tights all work well for this. Just make sure your top matches the tights. Then cut out cat ears or dog ears and bobby pin them into your hair. Make a tail out of anything you have and then paint your nose black. Voila! You are now an animal.

Take the box and make holes for your body. Paint the whole box with white paint or glue black construction paper to the box just like a dice. You could even add cards to it or just hold cards in your hand and you could be a casino dice.

God's gift to women
Wear a box that is wrapped up like a present. Make sure it has bows and ribbons all over it to make it look good. Put a tag on it that says, To: Women, From: God.

Words with Friends
This costume is a team effort so find four other friends who are willing to do it with you. Each person should be wearing a box one of the following letters on it : W O R D S. Get it. Words with friends?

So don't be discouraged this holiday season when you see the prices of those expensive costumes. Make something simple and really cheap!

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