Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Teaching Children Housework Responsibility~!

Unfortunately, it's that time again; the house needs cleaning and the family is busy with their day to day activities, which puts housekeeping low on the priority list. Unfortunately, you end up doing most of the housekeeping on your own meaning that it takes twice as long. The below tips will help you get the whole family involved. Additionally, housekeeping will seem fun and you'll get it done in half the time!
1) Make it a Game
Try making certain housekeeping chores "games" to keep the entire family involved. Perhaps you come up with a competition where you see who can dry the dishes the fastest, dust the most pieces of furniture in a certain time period, or clean the windows the fastest. Be creative and make up a game that includes the entire family.

2) Rewards
If your family needs motivation to get the household chores done, create rewards. Plan a family outing for after you've cleaned the house. Or, create specific rewards for each member of your family. Whatever the case, this technique can help you whip your family into high gear!

3) Dance Party
Nothing helps get everyone involved and having fun like a dance party. Most household chores can be done while dancing away to a good beat! Your family may even come to enjoy your household chores if done to their favorite music!

4) Responsibility
If you have younger children that are at the age where they love having responsibilities, it can make it more fun and rewarding for them if you give them certain tasks that are their very own. Your children can then take pride in their household chores!

5) Scavenger Hunt
No matter what ages you have in your family, everyone can get excited about a good scavenger hunt. Place the items in places in the house that revolve around the chores that need to be done. For example, if the laundry needs to be folded, place an item in with the unfolded laundry! Or, if the trash needs to be taken out, hide another item on or near the trash can. Your family can have a great time trying to find the items, all while getting the housekeeping done!

The most important part of making household chores fun for the whole family is working together and enjoying each other's company. By doing so, and trying some of the above tips, housekeeping can be a breeze!

Guest post by Alex J., an editorial coordinator with Denver Concierge, a housekeeping company in Colorado providing front range and Denver maid services.