Monday, October 10, 2011

Knowledge IS Power...

 Today, popular belief in the tarot, astrology, clairvoyance and medium reading continues to rise, perhaps due to the ever-increasing struggles and strife among the population. Everyday, people search for answers to difficult questions in which they alone cannot answer.


Astrology and horoscopes are well tolerated in this day and age, as science catches up to technology and we begin to understand more about who we are, where we came from and why we are here. A horoscope is a detailed chart of planet alignment and the astrological aspects concerning a particular event such as a date of birth, or a cosmic occurrence such as a comet and the like. Many aspects regarding a person’s life can be understood with even a little study on their specific sun sign or zodiac. Each zodiac sign has its own set of attributes and behavioral tendencies, many of which are hard to deny or ignore regardless of a person’s particular belief system.


People who consider themselves clairvoyant can decipher an oracle with their interpretation based on their psychic skills. Medium readers have the ability to tap into a spiritual flow of knowledge, seeking answers for those asking specific questions regarding present or past lives, the deceased, or any manner of information sought. Some people believe that everyone is born with psychic abilities, only few choose to learn about and utilize their gifts, calling self professed psychics ‘fakes’ and other similar derogatory names. Perhaps non-believers simply fear what they do not choose to understand. However, belief in psychic ability and clairvoyancy has risen considerably just within the last twenty years as many people open their minds to the possibility, and proof becomes more apparent as time goes on.


It has been a common belief that the Tarot is just a game for entertainment purposes only. In reality, the Tarot is an oracle just as are psychics, astrology, horoscopes and runes among many others. An oracle is a tool with which a clairvoyant person can divine answers to specific questions, situations and possible future predictions. Tarot cards depict many ambiguous possibilities, and it is up to the medium reader to decipher each meaning based on the placement of each card within a layout, and place it in context for the querent to understand. This is not an easy task, therefore a complete and thorough study of the tarot is needed to give a detailed and accurate reading. The meaning of each card can be altered depending on the cards which lay directly next to, or above and below them within a particular layout. Most tarot readers take the cards very seriously, believing that no other person should touch the cards for fear that mingling energies and influences will cloud a reading. Further, cards are kept carefully wrapped in silk or other special cloths to prevent negative energies from disrupting the integrity of a potential reading.

Questions and attaining further knowledge regarding the tarot and psychic abilities should be conducted with an open mind, free of fear, prejudice and negative thinking. Doing so will help the seeker to decide which oracle, if any, resonates within the individual and perhaps inspires an understanding of a past or current conflict concerning them.

Sandra, aspiring author from England and consultant for link building London