Thursday, October 27, 2011

Alli's Originals Review

Alli is a 35 year old stay at home Mom (Mompreneur) who began making jewelry as a hobby over 9 years ago. She began with beaded projects, key chains & wire work. After a few years of jewelry design, she began teaching courses in jewelry making and hosting jewelry making Birthday parties. After years of designing jewelry, Alli began taking courses in silversmithing and lost wax casting. Alli's Collection has expanded over the last couple of years and now includes hand stamped pendants and charms, hand cut pendants and unique casted charms that are only available exclusively through Alli's Originals. As well, a great collection for men. The Prince Charming Collection

 Alli's biggest inspiration came from her experience as a new Mom to her son Jacob. Jacob was the inspiration behind her latest collection of jewelry which led to her having a website and officially opening up her shop! Her collection now sells in stores worldwide.

Alli works closely with each client to design a piece that is truly unique, special and one of a kind. Her clients have a big part in the design and creative process so their vision can become a reality.

These make GREAT gifts for moms, dads, children, grandparents, teachers or anyone you have a special fondness for and you wish to share it with them or you can grab one for yourself.  You can give them for wedding presents, anniversaries, graduations or just to celebrate that special day.  Add your children's name and/or birthdates, your husbands or the first day you got your new job...the possibilities are endless~!!

If you don't wish to have it personalized, Alli's Originals has many non-personalized items to choose from.  There are toe rings, pet tags, key chains, Hebrew jewelry and much more. 

My Thoughts~!!

First of all, I need to tell you folks that Alli from Alli's Originals is one REALLY groovy lady~!!  I have to say that she is about one of the nicest people I have met since I began reviewing.  For that aspect ALONE, it would be worth anyone's while to purchase a few of her beautiful jewelry products for your very own~!!

I have six children and one grand daughter and I wasn't sure if Alli would be able to fit some of their names on the discs, a couple of my darlings have hyphenated names.  After some friendly collaboration betwixt the two of us, we were able to come up with a solution that was agreeable to us both.  It arrived in a timely manner in a delightful little tin box, that my daughter now uses to keep some of her small Pet Shop toy accessories inside.

It has been around my neck since the moment I put it on and is only removed when I shower.  I'm not much for wearing jewelry and I cannot even feel it around my neck. The discs are quite small and I was impressed to see that Alli was able to fit all the names upon it and they can be read quite illegibly. It sits really nice on the wearer, it's not heavy nor does it ever catch upon anything...not even my hair!! 

My youngest daughter touches her name EVERY day since I received it, she got a real kick out of seeing her name on a piece of jewelry.  Her name is in old Gaelic and she never EVER see's her name anywhere and when she saw it she was AMAZED~!!  OH and to find out that Alli has a niece with the exact same name was really neat to hear...most people spell her name incorrectly, I cannot blame them, it's not a common name and no one EVER says it the right way...however, Alli knew exactly what I meant and the worry that it would be spelled wrong was quickly removed!!

I truly LOVE my personalized necklace that I received from Alli Originals...thank you Alli for being a really great woman (you should check out the charity work she does...TRULY amazing~!!) and we at Mad Moose Mama wish you all the best of success in all that you do~!!