Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Hand Vibes Review & Giveaway~!!

Hand Vibes is the first product created by Caseyboy Productions, a brand new company dedicated to bringing innovative products to children around the world.  Founded in 2010 by Scott Silverstein, former CEO and president of The Topps Company, who is known for their trading cards, ring pops and Bazooka bubble gum, just to name a few.

Hand Vibes is a fun way for kids of all ages to keep their attitude on their fingers!  There are three rings in each pack, in nine vibrant colours, 25 unique sayings and five rare emoticon designs with over 235 different possibilities.  Each pack includes two different ring sizes so that children are sure to find one that fits their fingers...or their toes~!!
Be sure to check out the mystery ring compartment where you could find a rare emoticon or a black or blue swirled ring inside.  These rings are randomly placed in one out of every six packages.

The Series 1 designs are colour coordinated, you can check out each of the designs associated with the rings by clicking on each coloured ring found on the Hand Vibes site. 

Colours such as Groovy Green *my personal favourite*, Bro Blue, OMG Indigo, BFF Black, Peace Purple, Rad Red, Boo-Yah Yellow and Epic Orange and a saying for any attitude, such as Peace, True Dat, Shut Up and Love!!

COLLECT THEM, TRADE THEM, and ALWAYS keep your ATTITUDE at your fingertips with 

My Thoughts~!!

The kids and I thought these were neat!!  My youngest daughter couldn't WAIT to try them on, they truly spoke to her fad craze nature~!!

She wore a set of them to school and ended up giving one away, she was hounded ALL day by the kids...and she LOVED every minute of it!!  She thought the best thing to do would be to share one with a friend and bring a smile to their face also!!

The rings are made of the same material that the fashion statement bracelets are made of.  I thought they were a little wide, but I don't wear any jewelry on my fingers as its uncomfortable for me, so this didn't surprize me!  The kids were able to wear them without any worries or inhibitions and they loved flashing them in each others faces!!  

I believe these Hand Vibe rings would make GREAT stocking stuffers OR loot bag prizes... kids LOVE that kind of thing~!!

Now the groovy folks at Hand Vibes and we at the Moose Marsh would LOVE LOVE LOVE to give you an opportunity to win a set of these for your very own~!!

Sweet and neat...dontcha think??!!