Friday, October 28, 2011

The Greatest Patriot by Daniel Sullivan

The Greatest Patriot is a Political Thriller.

Top secret messages are arriving to the Kennedy administration stating that Kruscheyev hates JFK and wishes him dead because of the Bay of Pigs mishap where Kruscheyev lost face in his political party.  Kruscheyev continues to push the American president's buttons until only one solution is left on the table.  In order to prevent World War 3, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, must fake his own death, creating the biggest conspiracy the world has ever known.

Its present day and the Greeks are reporting that 93 year old JFK was just killed in a helicopter accident off the island coast of Skorpios.  Hal Rumsey has heard the news on the television and believes it is time that the world learns of the truth.

Calling up The Washington Post's, Mike Mahoney, he begins to share his tale, however, before Mike will believe him, Hal sends Mike to look at the PT109 coconut for the truth.  When Mike learns that Hal is telling the truth, he flies out to Florida to hear the rest of his tale.

Hal reminisces about the days when he was first assigned the case.  He had no family and no commitments and was a perfect candidate for the job, unknown to him was that the job was going to take up the next 40 or so years of his life.  Upon first learning of the truth, Hal is shocked but agrees to defend the President's life at all costs.  Hal and Jack become friends and confidantes while the President works his politics from behind closed doors, moving and shaping the world without anyone knowing any wiser.

Hal explains the assassination, how everyone had a role to play, except Jack Ruby, who was, in fact, a wild card to the whole ordeal.  From the bullet hole found in the curb at Dealey Plaza that is purported to have been fired from Oswald's gun, to the reasons for Jackie's friendship with Ari Onassis, all details are given to the reader in another light, a different outcome to an old story.

I really liked this book, I found many aspects of it interesting.  The whole parrellel universe kind of feel to it was wonderful to read.  I thought the explanations shared with reader worked for the most part and liked how the back story was shared through the eyes of Hal.

I found many of the explanations on how things could have been if looked at from a different angle was quite commendable in its writing.  Many of the thoughts shared are believable and sometimes the author made you stop and wonder, which was excellent for its mystery and daring.

I found the characters weren't easily read from the other.  Sometimes I wasn't sure who was speaking as each seemed to have similar bearing in their character explanations.  When Bob McNamara and Bob Kennedy were in the same room it would get very confusing trying to figure out which Bob was which.

I also thought some of the thoughts shared gave too much detail to the reader and others not enough.  The dialogue appeared forced which made it appear as if the characters in the book were reading from a script.

I would give The Greatest Patriot a four out of five stars, while I loved the history and the way it was shared with the reader, sometimes in flashback and sometimes via the interview; I just wasn't that fond of how the characters interacted with the reader and couldn't find their rhythm.  As for the history and the what if aspect to that history, author, Daniel Sullivan does deliver.

A magnificent read that introduces the reader to an incredible account of one the most important events in American History. The Greatest Patriot provokes the reader's curiosity as it poses the question "what if?" Sullivan is Clancy-esque in his use of historical details, creating a world where Dealy Plaza was not the end, but only the beginning; a world in which President Kennedy makes an unspeakable, yet necessary, decision to save his country and the world. Sullivan successfully spins a suspenseful plot, delighting the reader with splendid historical nuggets woven into an intricate story of intrigue and mystery. Fans of Dan Brown, Clancy and Grisham will be enthralled by this thought-provoking drama that plunges them into an astonishing alternative view of history. The story follows the life of JFK after the "assassination," the struggles of Hal Rumsey, the secret service agent who guarded the president, and the journalist, Mike Mahoney, who must choose whether or not to expose the staggering truth. Will the truth be revealed or buried with the few who were entrusted to keep the secret of America's Greatest Patriot? From the opening paragraph to its extraordinary conclusion, The Greatest Patriot captivates the reader with the desire to know if this might just be how it really happened. As the 50th anniversary of JFK's assassination rapidly approaches, Sullivan stimulates the imagination with a world where Camelot lived on.

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