Friday, October 7, 2011

Hallowe'en Costume Ideas For The Frugal~!!

Wondering what to be this Hallowe'en season and money is tight??  Well, I have a few really groovy ideas that I wish to share with you...simple, cost effective and suitable for the occasion~!!

GHOST...BOO~!!  I mean, how simple is that??  You get yourself a sheet, cut out some eye holes and mouth and is a ghost...AND, you could also decorate your ghost up some by adding accessories, I mean, who says you can't be a girl ghost, you could add some earrings to the side of the sheet, some makeup on the facial part and you've jazzed the boring ghost up into something that is nifty~!!  Ripping up the bottom edges or creating a zig-zag edge would make it that more creepy, giving you a swaying in the wind kind of effect!

CAT:  You would probably have to go to the dollar store and purchase yourself a set of ears and a tail...they are usually sold together so it shouldn't cost you any more than a dollar plus taxes where applicable.  OR you could get yourself a head band and make yourself a set of ears out some old cloth and same with the tail...stich it, stuff it and add it to an elastic band to keep secure around your waist!!

For the costume you could use just about ANYTHING...dresses, swim suits, lingerie, leotards, I'm thinking whatever you have that is colour suitable to your needs will work fine~!!

You could also make a kitty collar out of just about anything...ribbon, tin foil, cardboard...again, whatever you have on hand will work sufficiently!!

 Zombie:  This one is very simple...all one would need is some makeup...and then take some old clothes, rip them up and are a walking dead.  To really get into the act, try shuffling your feet and make moaning noises as you walk!!

You can use just about anything for the costume, it all depends on what you have on hand that you would be willing to rip up!!

The makeup can be bought at the dollar store for next to nothing...

Tourist:  All one needs for this costume is a Hawaiian shirt, some Bermuda shorts, a visor, a fanny pack and a camera!!  I'm almost positive that EVERYONE has these things in their households.  Okay, the Hawaiian shirt MIGHT be pushing things, so you could always use a tee shirt, a bathing suit, or whatever you can think of that a tourist would wear!!

We've all seen them, we've all been one of them in our lives...truly, this is one of the easiest costumes to put together~!!

Pirate:  Really, all you need is a pair of tuck your pants into the tops, so give them that phoofy look...use a billowing shirt, or one that is a size too big, tuck it into your pants and put a thick belt around your midsection!!

You can use a bandanna for your head, a sword can be made out of cardboard and tinfoil, the eye patch can also be made with some cardboard, a black marker and some elastic or string.

Maybe you have a stuffed parrot in the toy box and you can sew it to your shoulder...the choices are endless on how one can put a great Pirate costume together without a pocketful of money to do so!!

Some other groovy ideas are a Librarian, a Gypsy, a Sports Athlete, a Cowboy, a Nerd, a night table, a bag of jellybeans and just have to think outside the box, take stock of what you have on hand and CREATE~!!! 

And remember, have a FUN and SAFE Hallowe'en~!!!

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