Friday, October 7, 2011

Wholesale Costume Club Review

Wholesale Costume Club is an innovative new concept in costume shopping. They are the only costume website on the internet that lets you purchase Halloween costumes at wholesale club member or non-member prices that are below the lowest retail prices you'll find on any online costume store. was founded by Halloween costume industry professionals and is headquartered in Metuchen, NJ. Wholesale Costume Club features thousands of costumes and accessories for people of all ages and pets too. Wholesale Costume Club also has one of the largest selections of accessories available online making one-stop shopping for all your costume needs simple, convenient and extremely affordable. 

Here is a super cute outfit that is sure to have you pulling everyone’s strings when you wear this comely Marionette Puppet Costume for Adult ladies. This whimsical outfit is sure to delight everyone at functions ranging from children’s birthday parties, costume balls, or a rocking Halloween night dance. The puppet costume includes a harness with a self-supporting cross bar and puppet strings. A hat, vest, jumpsuit, oversized gloves, and shoe covers complete an original outfit that is sure to get you the best in show trophy, or at least a man to pull your strings just right. This one size fits all puppet costume will fit most adults comfortably.

My Thoughts~!!

I absolutely adore the Marionette Puppet Costume from Wholesale Costume Club~!!  The costume fits VERY comfortably and it doesn't take much to dress into.  You will need some help to get the strings and harness set up properly, an extra set of hands is definitely a plus when putting the costume on!!

The strings don't come attached to the costume, which is great, I was worried that the strings would hinder my movement, however, your able to set the strings to your own comfort and have free reign without pulling on your gloves or boots.

The harness that everything is attached to is totally adjustable, and you will have to make sure its snug in order to keep the handle over your head in place, or else it will feel like its about to tip over and fall off your back!

I think the Marionette Puppet costume is whimsical and fun!  And at $35.90 the price it is a STEAL~!!  You get everything you need to put this fantastic costume together and be the hit of the block and/or party!!

I had a devil of a time choosing which costume to wear, they are all so gorgeous and groovy!!  It took me days to decide, I had windows open and asking my families opinion, BTW, I didn't get their first choice, which was a Ghost Lady that was VERY neat!!  There are loads of Adult Costumes to choose from, the prices range from the very cheap to high end extravaganza's and the quality is EXCELLENT, no matter what you pay for it~!!

I also got to thinking that I didn't have to be JUST a Marionette Puppet, there are MANY ways in which I can adjust this costume and give it my own personal touch!!  My husband said I could turn it into an evil puppet, like from the movie, "The Puppetmaster" and my children said I could make it into a zombie...LOL  OR, I could find a cricket and add it to my shoulder and call it Jiminy...hehe

My daughter and me playing the part!

I wish I was a real girl...hehe

Who has a hold of my strings?
No more play, the PuppetMaster has put me away!!

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