Wednesday, May 9, 2012


ARV:  $19.99


Unleash a spinning cyclone of soakage with the TORNADO STRIKE blaster~!  It's spinning barrel blasts up to 20 feet of water, and it's tactical rails are compatible with most SUPER SOAKER accessories.  

Swap water clips to refill quickly, then strap the extra water clips (additional water clips sold separately) to your pants or belt.  

Whether facing off against your friends or practicing on your own, you'll feel the excitement and intensity of an all~out water war~!

Ages:  6 & Up

The boys enjoyed the DNA like stream that shoots out from the barrel of the TORNADO STRIKE...they imagination took them to shooting down alien forces and by shooting super DNA at their "enemies".  The kids were drenched after playing with this for about 10

This Super Soaker has prompted the children in neighbourhood to feel a bit envious of the kids as they blast water at each other.  However, it did bring about group play as each child ran inside to dig out their super soaker to have the first water blast of the year...I am sure parents were shaking their heads at me and my family...but the kids had a ton of fun...and each of them were soaked right through.

I love the extra clip feature...even though the door STILL open and closes an awful lot as the kids keep returning to refill their packs.  My downstairs bathroom has seen a lot of traffic this week...hehe...and I'm pretty sure some of the kids weren't even my own~!

I also think its groovy that you can interchange these super soaker parts with other super oldest boy took all the pieces and built himself a HUGE MFG...he was delighted that he could mix and match the pieces together AND we also learned that they will copulate with other non water blaster type guns, such as the NERF guns that shoot the balls or the boys were VERY impressed with this feature!

As always, HASBRO delivers with their products...myself AND my children just adore them~!!

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