Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Learn Urban Dance Skills to Improve Your Rhythm and Fitness

Let’s face it, exercise classes are rarely cool and sexy. Whether you are sweating away on a bike during spinning class, or repeatedly squatting during an aerobics class, exercise classes are never something you would want your friends or partner to see you doing. However, there is a new spate of dance forms taking over gyms and health clubs, guaranteed to not only tone you up and improve your general fitness, but also to give you new sexy skills which you will want to demonstrate at home, and even in clubs on your nights out!

Classes such as pole fitness or salsa are fun and give you tone and rhythm like nothing before, but I think that the very coolest of exercise dance classes is the Urban Workout, available at a number of gyms, and even in independent classes throughout the country.

What is Urban Dance Workout
During Urban Workout classes you will learn to bump, grind and shimmy just like the girls (and guys) in the MTV videos. You’ll be given expert choreography from people who have worked directly in or on these videos and learn actual dance moves and routines which can be used to tone up muscles you never knew you had - or impress everyone at your local club (just try not to get carried away and clear the dancefloor!).

A great cardiovascular workout, learning urban dance moves will strengthen muscles throughout your body and help you to develop a better posture and stronger core. Energetic hip-hop style moves are combined with low level break dance - difficult but not too difficult - and elements of free running, and all put together to modern dance songs to keep a party vibe going that will make you feel as though you are really learning a usable skill. And probably feel a little bit trendier than you do already!

Getting Started with Urban Dance
You will need to wear flexible shoes as urban dance relies heavily on footwork, as well as breathable stretchy clothing to allow you to get into any particular move with ease. It may also be more fun for you to organise a group of friends to go with you so that you can all experience your first classes together. Urban dance classes are not self-conscious places and you will be given great instruction to allow you to get into the rhythm of the class quickly, but with friends by your side it may make the whole experience more fun for you - plus a great bonding exercise!

Urban dance classes will quickly tone up your body and improve your general fitness, and are also a great way of relieving tension after a tough week at work, or to energise you for the weekend. Take a couple of classes a week and you are sure to find that your body starts to look just as you would like it to within a few weeks, without the stress or struggle of toiling away at the gym. Urban dance can become addictive and, you never know, might even lead you in a new direction career-wise!

This article was written by Caitlin a blogger for http://www.poledancingpoles.info who is a lover of all things dance and fitness. When she is not busy blogging she can usually be found practicing her latest dance moves or hanging upside down on her X-pole Sport Dance Pole.