Friday, December 23, 2011

Stella McCartney Brings the Green to Catwalk Fashion

Early Life
The life of Stella McCartney was always destined to be extraordinary. Born to Paul McCartney, the former Beatle, there was no possible way she could stay out of the limelight although not for lack of trying on her parent’s part. Her mother was an animal rights activist and vegan which instilled in Stella McCartney a strong awareness for animals and nature in general.

Another early interest for Stella McCartney was fashion, from the age of 13 she was designing jackets and just three years later found herself interning for Christian Lacroix, an influential French fashion designer. Stella McCartney continued to hone her skills working with Edward Saxton, her father’s personal tailor. Early in the 90s she began her studies at Central Saint Martins College of Art and continued until she hosted her graduation show in 1995. The show was modelled by supermodel friends Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss and made the front page news. Her collection was sold to Tokio, a London boutique.

Stella's Green Conscious

Stella McCartney is a lifelong vegetarian as well as being ever eco-friendly; utilising hanger recycling and leather-free designs. Her ‘no animal’ policy ensures that no leather, fur, wool, silk or any other animal related fabrics are used; she also often includes elaborations on her rules such as a slogan used on a sports collection item stating ‘suitable for sporty vegetarians.’ As a supporter of PETA she has strived to raise awareness for eco-friendly methods in the fashion world designing top class fashion under the green umbrella. Stella McCartney clothing, bags, shoes and gowns all follow her strict ‘no animal’ policy and today eco-friendly designs have become the fashion in no small part thanks to her. Everyone from fashion transportation to boot hanger manufacturers are making efforts to emulate her eco-friendly attitude and that is good news for Mother Earth.

Future Initiatives

Recently Stella McCartney expanded her range to include kids clothing and now she even has a pair of eco-friendly sunglasses available. Stella McCartney perfume use only agents that do not affect the ozone layer and have been selling like hotcakes. The Stella McCartney dress range continues to be her biggest draw card however and she strives to put her message across whenever she can. With a rumoured return to the London Fashion Week after a decade long absence, we’re sure that Stella McCartney is only going to get better and better as her style matures and that is a positive thing for the earth.

Eugene Calvini enjoys fashion almost as much as fashion. A green attitude toward fashion is one he would like to encourage.

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