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Day 15 ~ Holiday Gift Guide ~ PetCakesR Collectibles ~ Forest Animal Collection

Fred Catapano started out in 1966 with a $1,000 loan, two sewing machines and a passion for creating soft playthings. By 1968, Well Made Toy Manufacturing Corporation was in business and Catapano was actively involved in the creating, manufacturing and selling of plush toys and rag dolls. Today, Well Made Toy has offices and design staff in New York, Hong Kong and China, and boasts the most extensive line of soft rag dolls in the business.

Since the Company's inception, Catapano has personally been involved in the creation of a wide range of best-selling stuffed animals, plush characters and soft rag dolls, known and loved the world over. Catapano was the originator of the famous Tattle Talk Friends line, dolls who repeat everything someone says in their own voice. More than 40 years later, Catapano continues to add his insights and creativity to groundbreaking new products, including the 2010 introduction of PetCakes, sweet plush pets with frosting hats each nestled in its own cupcake wrapper pet bed! Catapano has been a member of the Toy Industry Association for over 30 years.

Roco Coco
Matt Nuccio is the co-owner and creative director of Design Edge Inc., a multi award-winning international studio with offices in New York and Hong Kong, that has partnered with Well Made Toy Manufacturing Corporation on the all-new PetCakes brand. With over 20 years experience in the toy industry, Design Edge is one of the leading toy design and inventing firms in the world. Design Edge is a laboratory for new and creative approaches in designing toys, packaging, displays, and advertising as well as engineering and manufacturing for hundreds of toy companies both big and small.

Bamboo Berry

Honey Cakes

Nutty Nicky

Honey Cakes™ is a plush Bear with embroidered eyes and features a "orange frosting" hat with a cherry on top and comes nestled down in a yellow cupcake wrapper.

Nutty Nicky™ is a plush Squirrel with embroidered eyes and features a "yellow frosting" hat with a cherry on top and comes nestled down in a green cupcake wrapper.

My Thoughts~!!

I love the PetCakes Collections~!!  The plushies are really cute, children friendly and easy to look after.  My daughter and grand-daughter believe their PetCakes to be some of their most treasured toys.  My grand-daughter actually gifted the one she received last year for Christmas to her parents this year all the while telling them this was one of her most precious toys as she carefully wrapped it and placed it under the tree for them.

I love their size, how soft and cuddly they feel and their expressions are adorable~!!  My daughter's friends all love her PetCakes also and one young lady always makes a bee line for my daughter's newest friends when she comes over to play.  They are totally loved by the children in this house~!

I think these would make great presents to give to your loved ones, whether it be for Christmas, birthdays or even Easter~!!  The cupcake quality about it makes it an easy gift to find a holiday to buy it for and your li'l ones will be overjoyed to have one of the PetCakes are their new friend~!!

We were privileged to have been able to review Honey Cakes and  Nutty Nicky and Nicky the Squirrel is a definite hit.  They love the colour green on its base and the girls think the Squirrel is adorably cute and played with it for hours~!!

The PetCakes are 80% polyester and 20% polyester/cotton blend fabric with 100% polyester fiberfill.  Making them squishy and loveable~!!  The asking price is $12.99 and they are well worth every penny.  They are durable as I have already witness one stand up to the test of time with the girls in my family and they are still played with.  Truly amazing~!!

Would one of you like to win a PetCake for your VERY own??  We'd love to give one of you a chance to win one...all you have to do is enter~!!

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