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Learn To Read Tarot Cards

Easily Learn To Read Tarot Cards
Learning to Read Tarot Cards is an Inner Journey

In order to learn about reading tarot cards requires some focus, however, it isn‘t an arduous task. Actually, it can be quite a pleasant activity. The more time dedicated to perfecting the skill of tarot reading, the more you will get out of it. To be an adequate reader, learners will have to become skilled at properly reading the cards. The best tarot readers are very intuitive individuals. They have an innate talent for picking up signs and feelings of others and are able to transfer that information into the symbols on the cards. This doesn’t mean that books about tarot card reading aren’t valuable, but to get any pleasure out of card reading, there must be a personal fascination from the beginning.

-Learning to Read the Tarot Cards

Developing an intimate relationship with the tarot is rewarding. However, you don’t have to be a psychic or clairvoyant. There’s more to tarot card reading than memorizing in sequence from a book. The inspiring card reader must acquaint themselves with the cards by studying and writing down their impressions of them every day, at least for a half hour. The environment where you study should be tranquil and quiet.

To start, take a deck of tarot cards, a pen and a notebook. Select a spot in your residence that induces relaxation. If certain aromas or music helps you with concentration, burning incense, a scented candle or meditative music will do. Let go the world, and go within. After naturally feeling the urge to pick up the tarot card deck, begin shuffling the cards. While doing this, let your mind be free of any anxieties or challenges. Concentrate on slowing down your breathing to put you more in touch with your feelings. Anything that comes to the forefront of your mind, write it down in your journal. It’s important to acknowledge our feelings. Feelings are the pathway to the Soul. This is similar to the same ritual that psychics or mediums use for their impressions. If we fail in this very important phase, the ability to perform a tarot reading is diminished. Repressed emotions have a way of causing us to lose objectivity.

Following a few moments of relaxation, draw a card anywhere from the deck. Lay it down in front of you, and examine it. Write down the name of the card into your journal, and answer the subsequent questions:

-What life lesson does the card portray?
-What do the drawings and imagery represent to you?
-What type of vibrations do you get from the card?
-What is the theme of the card? What is it saying?
-What type of feelings does the card bring out in you?
-How does is the story significant to your own life?

Answering these kinds of questions, will assist you in getting in touch with each card’s meaning. In addition, during these exercises its fine to reference a quality tarot card book. When all is said and done, tarot card reading is a personal journey where you must be the driver and the vehicle as well.

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