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Day 17 ~ Holiday Gift Guide ~ ImagiPLAY ~ Take Me To The Moon

For over a decade, ImagiPLAY has created high-quality educational toys that inspire children's imaginations and the desire to explore. With the abundance of toys available for children today, ImagiPLAY sets itself apart from the rest through its motto: "Toys with Integrity." By producing quality products that connect with nature, have eco-friendly sources, and hold educational value, ImagiPLAY works to benefit the earth we share and the people that inhabit it.

Founder and President Barbera Aimes offers children toys that represent her true passion: our planet. After studying languages and music in Japan and across the US, this nurturing earth mother explored ways in which she could communicate her desire to make the world a gentler, move loving place. In her mid thirties, she found that the natural beauty of Boulder, Colorado was the ideal place to call home, establish her business, and create a positive change amongst the people around her. "All my life I've wanted to leave this earth with some kind of beneficial legacy," Barbera explains, "If there is one thing I can leave on this earth, it would be to help children appreciate our world."

Through the language of play, Barbera and ImagiPLAY have inspired children across the globe to discover the world on their own terms and communicate with the environment. With ImagiPLAY's child safe and earth safe toys, games and collectibles, children enrich their ability to count, learn the alphabet, and identify different animals while gaining a true sense of the world's beauty and diversity of species.

Producing toys using only materials and processes that show respect for the planet and all the people and creatures upon it has remained ImagiPLAY's promise and challenge. All of ImagiPLAY's toys are made from eco-friendly materials, with plantation-grown rubberwood being a favorite. Rubber trees produce a sap that is used to make latex products. At the end of their latex-producing years (generally 25-30 years) the trees are harvested and new ones planted. But these wonderful trees have one more gift to give us -their beautiful, splinter-free hardwood, from which ImagiPLAY makes many of its award winning, heirloom quality toys.

Products for which Rubberwood is not suitable are made from wood from managed forests. ImagiPLAY's factories are placed close to the neighborhoods where its craftsmen live so that the majority of them can walk or ride their bikes to work each day, enabling its craftsmen to maintain quality relationships with their own children while they make toys for others.

ImagiPLAY products have been recognized by the media, children's advocacy groups, and parents' organizations for their outstanding quality, design and ability to inspire imagination. It has received awards from Parenting Magazine, Creative Child Magazine, Dr. Toy, Parents' Choice Foundation and many other well-respected groups. But most importantly, ImagiPLAY's products have helped thousands of children worldwide to discover themselves and their world as they navigate the waters of the human Age of Exploration.

My Thoughts~!!

ARV $26.99
ImagiPLAY's "Take Me To The Moon" is a very imaginative and wonderful toy for your little ones~!!  Its all natural workmanship is enough to impress anyone Eco-Friendly parent~!!

The set comes with seven hand-painted wooden figures and a zippered rocketship tote bag to store it all inside when your child is done playing.  It is hand-crafted by Rubberwood, a environmentally friendly hardwood and painted with child safe paints.

My son played with this for hours...he loves his imagination and this opened up many doors for him to investigate~!! The wooden figures are easy to handle and brightly coloured!  My sons pudgy fingers had no problems handling the characters and he found clean up to be a breeze as he was able to store everything inside the spaceship.

I was impressed with the paint detail on the figures.  I loved that everything is hand-painted making it a unique and one-of-a-kind gift as there is no possible way any two could ever be painted the same.  The artists used good, clean strokes without any clumping nor was they flakes of paint missing from any of the painted articles.

I think this would make an excellent gift for the wee ones in your life and with Christmas coming, what a perfect excuse to buy this wonderful "Take Me To The Moon" set for under the tree.

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