Wednesday, December 14, 2011

What Hidden Treasures are in your Attic?

It is often said that one man's junk is another man's treasure. It's also common sense that when a household item is considered junk it is often filed away in a cardboard box in the corner of your attic. There is will sit for generations as it gathers dust ... and value! The attic is the perfect place to go treasure hunting. It is often climate controlled and is always nearby. So what could you find lurking above your head? Here's a peek at three common discoveries. 

1. Antiques 
Antiques, namely antique silver, is one of the most often located items found during an in home treasure hunt. The reason behind this is simple. When grandma and grandpa decided to "Keep up with the Jones'" and purchase new furniture or flatware, they moved the old family classics upstairs. They probably realized these older possessions still had value in them and didn't think it wise to throw them out based solely on a new purchase. When you discover these antiques you have landed a big fish, so to speak. You've just unlocked a piece of your family's history. It's now up to you if this treasure has a greater sentimental value or is worth more financially. Selling antique silver could bring in a chunk of unexpected income, but it could also become a treasured family heirloom. That choice is all yours.

2. Priceless Memories
These treasures are often not worth much to anyone but you. Often when you search the attic you will find boxes of childhood memories that mom knew you'd want to see again someday. You can expect to trip across finger paintings from kindergarten that will warm your heart, letters written to home from college that will wet your eyes with tears, and photos from school plays that will bring a chuckle to your belly.

3. Dust
The most commonly found treasure in your attic is probably one you don't want to find at all. Most likely you'll just find piles of worthless stuff that is coated in dust and perhaps playing hotel to some bugs and mice you didn't know were house crashing!

The best way to make your way through the attic adventure is to not be misguided by popular TV shows where everyone seems to find something hiding in a corner that is worth a million bucks. Head upstairs to have fun, not pay the rent, and every item you find will be a treasure.

Rooting about in your attic can unearth all sorts of things, whether its antiques, silver, photos, memories or simply dust and dirt, you're bound to find something interesting up there!