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5 Lingerie Fashions for 2012

It is the end of the year, so here comes the natural breakdown of what to expect in fashion for the upcoming year of 2012. Lingerie fashion has seen a peculiar alteration in landscape, so 2012 seems to be worthy of speculating about. Next year has some common themes- minimalism, eco-friendly, and a sprinkle of preppyness will likely take us through the next 12 months.

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Deliberate perkiness can be overwhelming. Drowning in patterns, logos, and intricate design-work sometimes works against simplicity and elegant specifics. Holding true to a minimalism style, Precision focuses on boldness and sharpness. Not overbearing in logos and lacy designs, Precision style fashion takes direct colors and specific overarching style by balancing a tender equilibrium of modest composure and sensual boldness.

Baby Glam
At first glance, Baby Glam might be a bizarre aesthetic choice, focusing more on light colors and an odd take on looking young and fresh. of course, the style remains more fluent than that, focusing on lacy lights, nostalgia infused feelings, and glossy light pinks that blend to create something akin to "baby" and reminiscent of "glam." Bordering on excessively delicate, this super lightweight trend will likely have a long stay in 2012. The style sets a fascinating and alluring mood, blending the stylistic choice of soft reds with a naive sensibility that remains as attractive and intriguing as the best trends of the year.

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Lady Astray
Grunge fashion, having peaked into the mainstream in the early 90's, has had an interesting resurgence in 2011. Now in 2012, it is speculated the trend will become refined and perhaps even more populated. Lady Astram takes flowery prints and grunge aesthetic into a mix of a low-key patterns. Focusing more on the overt, and less on the denim, Lady Astray finds a peculiar middle ground, where grunge kids can appreciate the lack of overbearing conscious effort, while still remaining flirty and lighthearted. The long wear below the knees also has a strong play in the style, and will likely surface throughout the coming year.

Botanical Wonderland
it is hard to say that being environmentally conscious is a trend in itself, but with the rising "popularity" of the climate bound idealism's of the future, Botanical Wonderland finds a nice blending of this cultural awareness with a fabric and style conscious of the idioms. The style focuses on prints that spread wide across the landscape of the fabric, encompassing all sides of a dress or top. The style uses strong tropic influences, playing off the climate-conscious mainstream. The textures and landscapes, including flower and animal prints, give off a universal 3D feeling that makes the design bigger than life itself- a popular candidate for 2012.

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Preppy Style and Adventurers
Preppy Style and Adventurers is an aesthetic choice that takes peculiar style and design to another level. Remaining quirky while also lighthearted, this niche style will likely see more blossoming in 2012. It is a counter-choice to the more straight-laced preppy style, honing more on an outdoor ethnic style as opposed to classroom studying.

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