Wednesday, December 21, 2011

How to Set Up a Recycling Scheme

If you are plagued by the thought of all the things lying around your home that get thrown away instead of being recycled then it is time to take action. Instead of relying on someone else, set up your own recycling scheme and start recycling today. 

Setting up the Scheme

In fact, it is very easy to get into the habit of recycling items especially if there are already schemes or systems in place. Simply identify the various items that you want to make an effort to recycle regularly, such as paper, glass, plastics and tins, and then find out which recycling centres will take them. Find out if the centres will collect the recycling from your or if you need to factor in transporting it as part of your scheme.

As part of your scheme you need to consider what containers you will use to store the items for recycling until they are ready to be collected or you are ready to take them to a centre. While cardboard boxes and containers are suitable for paper and some plastics such as footwear hangers, they will not be suitable for heavy things like glass.  In this case you will need to get plastic or metal containers to store the items for recycling, as part of your scheme.

Once you have chosen your desired containers you need to label them clearly so that people know which container can recycle which items. For example, if you are doing hanger recycling hangers are usually made of plastic or metal and will need to be placed in the appropriate recycling container. You also need to keep in mind health and safety regulations and ensure that the containers are positioned responsibly, and if the containers will be collected by a local recycling scheme then these need to be easy to access from the outside of the building.

It is often a good idea to send out lists of recycling guidelines to make complying with your scheme simpler.  Also post simple guidelines above the recycling containers so that people know which one to use for which item. You need to decide whether the containers will be emptied on a regular (perhaps weekly) basis and if you need to contract a recycling company to collect them, or if you will deliver them yourself.


Setting up a recycling scheme at home, the office or for schools is fairly simple to do, it just requires some time and effort. However, once you have the system in place it is easy to ensure that you recycle as much as possible, thereby reducing your impact on the environment. Set up a recycling scheme today.

Sally Roberts is a freelance writer with a keen interest in sustainablity and environmental issues.

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