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BOOK REVIEW: The Sylvan Horn by Robert Redinger

The Sylvan Horn Book One of the Sylvan Chord is a Young Reader Action Adventure.

Efkin is a young Elven Lord who joins a quest to hunt for the Sylvan Horn and break the Runes that are about to destroy the world. 

The Elves have always been protected in their realm from outsiders but chaos is ruling and the boundaries that once protected the Elves are failing.  Trolls have been entering the forest and killing all they come across, the Elves wish to broker peace but the Trolls want no part of it and a battle ensues.  It is there that they learn that the Trolls are able to call upon magic, a very rare and uncommon event.  Trouble is brewing and its up to Efkin and his party to find out who is behind the Troll advancements.

Following the puzzles set before him, Efkin leads his group to the one place Elves are not able to go or they will die.  The Humans have the Horn and it lies hidden in a mountain of iron and only those brave enough will journey beyond the borders in order to return the balance.

Along the journey, Efkin learns much about himself and the Horn, as the mysteries unfold, Efkin is lead to the power that is behind the upheaval and the truths that lie before him.

I thought this was a decent read, it had some great characters and the plot is a believable one.  I thought the book at times was written rather quickly without enough detail to the situation and the reader was left to reread certain passages to make certain they understood them.  Other times the books pace was great and you were immersed into the story and felt the need to finish the quest with Efkin and his group.

I liked how sinister the land of Humans with their death giving iron was written.  I enjoyed reading about the worries and wonders of Efkin as he drew closer to his destination as well as learning the history of the races and their relationship to iron. 

I liked the elder Elves and the powers that they had, however, I found they always showed up when they were needed and the reader wasn't giving much in their back story which made me feel like they were an outside piece of the story which didn't allow for their natural blending into the story. 

I would give The Sylvan Horn a three and a half stars out of five.  The story does pick up and slow down about halfway and you don't feel as rushed as you read it.  I would've liked to have seen more magic and more back story involving the characters; I didn't really get a feel for many of those who were involved with the plot.  However, I can see great potential in this series and would love to continue reading to find out the final outcome of Efkin and his quest of the Slyvan Chord.

Before the days of men, there were elves. In a time they were great and powerful, the first dwellers, the brightest ray of dawn upon the earth. They brought light and music to the world and every breeze that stirs and wave that crashes still echoes with the wonder of the fair folk.

But a foulness is brewing in the east, where men deal in sorcery. They summon dire forces, unleashing a terrible power into the world. And the elves, once immortal, now fade from the earth. But knowing that all sorcery comes from Runes that were carved ages ago, Efkin, a young elf lord, races to find and destroy the hidden Runes before all is lost. He sets out to recover the horn of his ancestors that long ago summoned the forces that shaped the world. Only the horn has the power to break the Runes. He journeys into the east, but comes too close to the heart of sorcery and does not dare blow the horn. If he is tainted by the poison of the Runes the horn will sound a ruinous note that could spell the end of the earth.

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