Saturday, December 24, 2011

5 Karaoke Facts That Will Surprise You

Karaoke Time!
Karaoke has gone through several incarnations over the years, and some people thought it wouldn't even last till now. 

KaraokeWhen it first came over from foreign countries, most people just shrugged it off as a ridiculous fad. They thought it might last about as long as the Rubik's cube, but of course it continues to carry on to this day. Over the years, a lot of people that discounted karaoke tried it and actually became huge fans. While there are always going to be people who laugh at it as a silly activity, it has also captured the hearts of people across the world. It's one activity that you can share with your neighbor no matter what your background or musical tastes. One of the things that people love the most about it is the fact that gives the everyday person a chance to pick up a microphone and feel like a star. If you've ever been curious about karaoke, here are some facts about the hobby that might surprise you.

It has Spawned a Subculture - even if you don't think karaoke is all that exciting, there are plenty of people who do. In fact, there are tens of thousands of people who take it extremely seriously. You might think this is only a phenomenon that happens in other countries, but you see it in North America as well. There are examples of people who spend most of their time surrounded by karaoke subculture and friends who feel the same way.

There are Rules - people who have never really participated before see karaoke as an unruly activity that is dominated by drunken college kids. While there are certainly bars that feature clientele like this, it's not like that all the time. And even if you happen to find yourself in a rowdy environment, you can be sure there are rules that govern what everyone is doing. After all, if everything was chaotic and there were no rules, the system would absolutely breakdown. There is a wide variety of unwritten rules and etiquette that keep people in check.

Kids Love it - one of the fastest-growing groups of fans happens to be children. This is no doubt in part to a revolution in home technology and a rise in postings on YouTube. Every kid wants to be the next Justin Bieber, and karaoke helps them do exactly that. It gives kids a chance to sing while pretending they are going to be the next huge star getting discovered over the Internet.

Karaoke ComedyNew Songs - one of the most popular stereotype saddled with karaoke is that of older cheesy songs that no one really likes anymore. But it's not all Barry Manilow or Neil diamond when you go to your karaoke bar. And if you happen to buy one of the newer machines, iPod compatibility will have you singing current songs in no time. The lag between a song coming out on radio and an available karaoke version is shorter than ever. Quite often you don't have to wait long at all before you can experience your favorite songs for yourself.

A Cursed Song - believe it or not, there is one song that is said to be cursed! In the Philippines, the song “My Way” by Frank Sinatra has built up a bit of a scary reputation. There have been beatings, attacks, and even a few murders associated with this song. You might ask how could that possibly happen? One explanation is that people in the Philippines take karaoke so seriously that they can't tolerate other people ruining one of the most respected songs in history.

Karaoke is growing - it's too late to stop it now, karaoke is on a roll and growing larger than ever. It's probably due to a combination of being able to do it in your own home and in public places as well. Buying a new karaoke machine is easier than ever, and in some cases you get technology that rivals the fanciest equipment in your home entertainment room. It's a great way to bring people together, and it's something you can enjoy all by yourself as well. So if you've ever been just a little bit curious, it might be time to finally pick up a microphone and give it a try.

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