Friday, December 23, 2011

Owning The Dream Machine

If you think the Lambo is too low brow, or the Ferrari is a fad, then you are looking for a fantasy car that will blow your mind with technology, design and innovation of the future.

Vehicle technology is always a few steps ahead of what you can view on the showroom floor, but with a little research and a pot of cash, you could be the owner of the next generation in motor vehicles.

Many of the future classic cars are only available in extremely limited editions, and some are only prototypes, but serious car lovers want to be the first to experience these fantasy vehicles.

Future Classics

You do not get more super powered than the Bugatti Veyron. This is one of the world’s only production-line fantasy cars available. At least 300 have been created and each one is tailored for the owner. It will set you back about a million quid, but if you’re in the market for super luxury, innovative technology and sleek styling then this is the fantasy car that tops the list.

If you like your motoring to be a complete experience, then why not try the sQuba; the world’s first car that takes to the high seas and under the sea without flooding the engine! For true fantasy though, you need to look to the imagination of the cinema. For every boy who ever wanted to play James Bond, you can get custom fitted roadsters that mimic and are modelled on the creations revealed in the films.

The Caparo T1 looks like a fantasy car and handles like a dream. This is the world’s best example of fantasy design and under the hood futuristic engineering that is guaranteed to give you the ride of the century. Developed by the team who brought you the McLaren F1, the Caparo has a carbon fibre body as well as Fowler flaps and an adjustable front wing delivering speeds of up to 200 miles per hour.

The highly modified BMW Z4 GT3 delivers the punch without costing you the world. There are only ever a handful of these cars made each year and you will be a part of the design process to make sure that you have the racing car of your dreams combined with a fantasy car that will handle the roads.

Many car manufacturers design and develop concept cars to complement their range of production cars. The Mercedes Silver Arrow will not be available at your local dealership but it has made a splash at car shows around the world.

It is the concept of the future that fuels the production of the present, and without fantasy cars and dream machines, we would never have seen many of the innovations that we take for granted as standard features on our vehicles today.

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