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Top Ten World's Most Expensive Diamonds

Diamonds aren't just a girl's best friend - they're an important part  of culture and commerce everywhere. Especially these gems here,  which are widely regarded as the most expensive diamonds in the world.  To uncover some details about some of the most beautiful objects in the  world we've chronicled the ten most expensive diamonds ever.

10. A 56 carat heart-shaped diamond sold for $12 million at Christie’s in  2011. That price made this diamond the most expensive heart shaped one  in the world. The gem has been praised for its symmetry and its  craftsmanship.

9. The Chloe diamond has been valued at $16.9 million dollars. Guess Clothing founder Georges Marciano paid that amount for this type II stone (which  means there are no nitrogen impurities within it) in 2007. Type II  stones are exceedingly rare, the entrepreneur named the diamond after  his daughter.

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8. The Wittelsbach-Graff Diamond is currently valued at nearly $25  million dollars. Some say that it was cut from the French Blue diamond  that is 112 carats. This much, however, is certain: the Wittelsbach  Diamond weighs approximately 35 carats, and was originally mined from  India. It has a deep azure color and has been traced to the dowry for  King Philip IV of Spain in the 17th century.

7. The Steinmetz Pink diamond is worth approximately $25 million  dollars. With a weight of 11.92 grams or 59.6 carats, it is one of the  world’s largest pink diamonds. At one time, this diamond was part of an  exhibition at the Smithsonian Institute known as “The Splendor of Diamonds.”

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6. The Graff Pink diamond is 24.76 carats and was purchased by Laurence  Graff in the fall of 2010 for a cool $45.6 million dollars. Its color is  described as “fancy intense pink.” Only the rarest of pink diamonds  outweigh 20 carats, which partly explains the sumptuousness of this  stone.

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5. The De Beers Centenary diamond is valued at over $100 million  dollars, thanks in large part to its portly size - a hefty 273.85 carats or 54.77 grams. Many have described the appearance of this  diamond as colorless. It is regarded as the third largest diamond ever  brought forth from De Beer’s Premier Mine.

4. The Hope diamond costs upwards of $350 million dollars. It is on  display for all the world to see at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural  History in the District of Columbia. In ordinary daylight this diamond  appears to be blue, while in ultra violet light it takes on a reddish  appearance.

3. The Cullinan diamond is a whopper of a gem, weighing approximately  621.35 grams. It is worth approximately $400 million dollars, mostly due  to its huge size. Other names that it is known by include Star Africa  or Cullinan I.

2. The Sancy diamond is widely regarded as priceless. It has a lurid,  yellow appearance and is approximately 55.23 carats. The Sancy is  believed to be one of the first diamonds cut with symmetrical facets,  and resides in the French Crown Jewel Collection at the Louvre.

1. The Koh-I-Noor diamond is virtually inestimable. At one time the 105  carat jewel was known as the largest diamond in the war. It is currently  a tourist attraction at the HM Tower of London. In Persia, Koh-I-Noor means “Mountain of Light.”
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