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Niapads ~ Simple For Pimple

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Niapads™ is designed to safely reduce Acne flare-ups by unleashing the well known anti-inflammatory properties of Niacinamide USP. Inflammatory skin conditions include Acne vulgaris and studies have shown that Niacinamide USP has proven efficacy in treatment of these skin conditions. Niapads™ is uniquely formulated to deliver Niacinamide USP topically at the desired site unlike oral formulations. A mild scrubbing pad helps exfoliate dead skin cells and prevent pore clogging.

 Product features:
1. Delivers therapeutic amounts of Niacinamide USP. Since it is topical, its action is localized and there are no systemic side-effects.
2. Reduce acne flare-ups. Mild enough for daily face cleansing.
3. Niacinamide is safe for pregnant women and nursing mothers.
4. Mild scrubbing action - water soluble micro beads. Cloth provides additional scrubbing action.
5. Contains beneficial Lavender oil. Provides mild Lavender scent.
6. No added colors (Presence of FD&C colors may cause acne flare-ups).
7. 30 single use disposable pads per re-sealable pouch. Take it to school, college, work, gym or travel.

Each situation is unique. Acne is caused by several factors and there is no cure for acne.

Tips for controlling Acne:
  • Change or wash your pillow covers daily during a serious outbreak of acne. Bacteria lodged in the covers will continue to prolong Acne presence.
  • Using appropriate techniques to sanitize your cellphone, makeup brushes and similar facial products that come in contact with facial acne. This will prevent acne bacteria from infecting new areas.
  • For stubborn pimple: Cut a piece of pad slightly larger than the pimple. Moisten pimple and pad with water and stick the pad on the pimple. Leave pad on until it dries. Peel pad and rinse. 
ARV $15.00/30 Pads
My Thoughts~!!

My 14 y/o son has terrible acne and he has been frantic as to find a viable solution to his problem.  He has tried every holistic approach he could find, as well as a few over the counter acne treatments that have been "proven" to work and he has had no luck whatsoever.

When I first heard about Niapads I decided to check it out and have my son give his opinions on the product.  At first he was skeptical but more than willing to check it out.

When he first applied it to his skin, he remarked how he liked the smell.  We have a scent issue in our family and it is always one of my worries, however, it didn't affect his senses and after applying he sat back and waited and kept asking me if I noticed anything different.  I explained to him that we'd have to wait for a few uses in order to see any change.

My son remarked that he swears it was already beginning to work as he felt a slight tingling on his skin.  He liked the feeling saying that he could feel the Niapads working on his bacteria.  Now, while I didn't notice an overall lessening of the acne, I did notice that the red inflamed areas looked like there weren't so inflamed any longer.

My son said that by the next day, he already felt relief from the pressure from some of his more stubborn pimples and he has been using the product faithfully ever since~!!  After using the pads for over a week, I have noticed a considerable improvement and my son is now a Niapads fan and has been telling his friends at school about them.

Did you know that there is FREE shipping to anywhere in Canada and the US??   I thought that was one groovy deal, most people feel daunted by over priced shipping rates and tend to shy away from ordering online, I know its the one thing that stops me.  Being from Canada, I sometimes feel that companies take advantage of me by upping the shipping rates to astronomical proportions.  Free shipping is definitely a selling point for me~!!

If you have a loved one or if you suffer from acne problems, then these pads will help relieve the pressure and pain caused by them and before it works on clearing them up.  My 14 year old swears by them and with a nod of approval from a teenager suffering from acne, I'm going to have to take his word on it~!!  If he had one thing to say about the Niapads that was in the negative, it would be that the pads are too small for his fingers.  He has a wee bit of problems wiping them on his face and he wishes they were bigger.  He believes this are made for spot blemishes when the whole area around his nose and mouth is affected, making the cleaning a little difficult as he tries to maneuver the cloth around his acne.

All in all though, Niapads worked for my son...who knows, they may work for you too~!! 

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