Thursday, December 15, 2011

BOOK REVIEW: The 58th Keeper by R.G. Bullet

The 58th Keeper is a Children's Action Adventure.

Archy Bass is very non-descriptive, he has plain features and a bowl shaped haircut.  He attends an all boy school as part of an agreement between his foster care mother and the school.

Archy is lonely, stays in the shadows and tries to stay out of Headmaster Elms' path.  That is, until the day that Archy meets Vincent, billionaire son without the silver spoon in his mouth.  The two of them hit it off right away and one day Vincent arranges for Archy to go on a working archaeology holiday in Greece. 

Archy loves his vacation and on one of his excursions to the beach, he runs into a rug merchant, Alturus, who exchanges a magical rug with Archy's walkman.  Archy has no idea how to use it but when the Kurul, a huge warrior race of Giants, realize he has it, all anarchy breaks loose as Archy tries to survive their assaults.

Alturus is the 57th keeper and has passed the mantle over to Archy, however, Archy must prove to the council of Sentinels that he is worthy of being its 58th keeper.  Along the way, Archy must uncover the secrets of the rug, or Shroud, and stay one step ahead of the Kurul.

I enjoyed reading this and watching the story unfold.  I was mystified with the rug and all the actions it can perform, let's just say it can do more than flying.  I thought the build up of Archy was great and the reader really comes to feel for his life situation.

I thought the Kurul sounded scary and formidable and I wouldn't want to have to put my wits up against their hunting skills.  There are actions that happen to the rug that act like a beacon in which the Kurul are able to zone in on and if you don't always know what they are, well, it can prove to be life threatening at times.

I couldn't help feeling at times that it was reminiscent of Harry Potter.  Archy and Harry's home life are somewhat similar in that they are both orphans being raised by people without their best interest at heart. 

I would give The 58th Keeper a three and a half stars out of five.  I thought the pace was a little slow and the action scenes were too short in description and action.  I often had to backtrack to find the pace again as it went from slow to action and my mind was unprepared for the quick switches that occurred.  However, it is a very interesting read and I would love to read more by author, R.G. Bullet, I was not disappointed with this read and would definitely read more of R.G.'s work.

The 58th Keeper is the story of a boy called Archy Bass, who stumbles upon a mysterious and powerful relic. The moment he touches it, two warring forces race to find his whereabouts. One side thinks he’s simply too young and too inexperienced to keep it, and the other just want him dead. Hold on to your seats! The 58th Keeper is a roaring trip that takes the reader on the most wonderful and hair-raising scenes imaginable. R. G. Bullet pulls out all stops in his debut novel to deliver an incredible journey with unforgettable characters. This book will resonate with you for ages past the last line.

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