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Tips For Renting an Apartment as A Pet Owner

Tips For Renting an Apartment as A Pet Owner
Pet owners often find renting an apartment difficult. Most property owners restrict pets by not allowing them at all or to certain size requirements. Finding an apartment that will allow your pet will take time and research. Utilizing a few key tips will make an apartment search easier.

Allow Time:
Start looking for a pet friendly apartment as soon as possible. The longer a prospective tenant has to look for an apartment, the more likely they are to find pet friendly apartments. Small complexes or single family owned rentals may be more willing to allow a pet. Utilizing a pet friendly apartment guide will help narrow down prospects.

Allow For Extra Charges:
Tenants who are willing to pay a pet deposit or extra monthly rent will encounter less resistance to their pet. Many property owners have been subjected to damage caused by pets living on the property. Offer to pay an additional pet deposit for any possible damage by your pet. Paying additional monthly fees for allowing a pet may sway a property owner into allowing you to rent their apartment.

Show Responsibility:
Many property owners dislike pets due to barking and training issues. Show a prospective landlord that your pet has completed training for good manners. Offer your current landlord's number so that your prospective landlord may contact them for a reference. Assure the property owner that you will clean up any waste left by your pet. Give the landlord proof of vaccinations and proof of a spay or neuter.

Add It To The Lease:
If the apartment has a written no pet policy but is making an exception for you, make sure to get it in writing. Have the no pet policy marked out of the lease and initialed by the property owner or management. If a pet deposit is required, have the amount and terms of the deposit added to the lease. Obtaining everything in writing will protect you, your pet and the property owner.

Consider The Breed:
If you do not already own a pet and are planning to obtain one, check to see if there are breed restrictions. Many cities have breed bans and many landlords only accept certain breeds of dogs. Small dogs under 30 pounds are the most widely accepted breeds for apartments. Choosing to acquire a big dog or misunderstood breed may make apartment hunting difficult if not impossible. Carefully consider the best breed for you and anticipate potential problems with renting an apartment.

Following these few simple steps will offer the tenant a surefire way of finding a pet friendly apartment. Being a responsible tenant and pet owner will help you find the best apartment for you and your pet.


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