Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Cash for Crafts

Learning Pool piggy bank half full of change

Who hasn't seen it? A cursory look at the job market reveals listings for entry-level jobs that require the responsibilities of 3 people in one, and a minimum of a Bachelors Degree. Plus don't forget mandatory overtime and a paycheck that's skimpy enough to make you look like an intern. And do you get medical benefits for the privilege of the job? No, probably not. But this bleak job trend is producing an interesting response, where people are coming up with creative ways to supplement their incomes. Here are just a few...

Arts and Crafts.
Do you have a flair for sewing clothes or making jewelry? How about a chemistry degree that lay fallow until you started making your own soaps and perfumes? More and more creatives are turning their hobbies into supplemental income by taking their products to sell at farmer's markets and independent businesses. And don't forget to get an online shop going like with Etsy and Ebay. True, it may take a while to make enough income to offset the cost of production but with an attention drawing website and quality products you may soon find your “hobby” turning into a new career.

Pet care.
Many animal lovers have started supplementing their incomes by becoming the neighborhood pet sitters and walkers. Not only will you get extra exercise you'll also be helping lonely pets get the attention they need while their adult parents are at work. This line of work often depends on word-of-mouth referrals so if you work with a client who loves you ask them to help spread the word as thanks.

If you've got a gift in the kitchen you might want to look into finding your niche as an exclusive caterer or baker. Time is money, and many wealthy clients would gladly pay for homecooked meals and impressive fare for parties instead of trying to tackle it themselves. Again if the product is high quality then it's only a matter of introducing the right clients to your work, keeping them happy and then making sure they tout your skills. Have business cards made and give them to all of your clients so that they can help spread the word.

No matter what your skills and passions, if you notice friends asking you to assist them on a regular basis on anything ranging from closet organizing to gift wrapping, chances are there are strangers out there who will gladly pay you for it. Follow your bliss and find ways to monetize it, then do good work and get your clients to become your own personal cheerleading team. And soon you'll not only be making extra coin you'll also become an inspiration to others.

Written by Evelyn Rand. Looking for inspiration for your handmade soaps and aromatherapy oils? Then take a Spa Break.  

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