Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Safest and Best Convertible Car Seats: Britax Advocate 70 Cs or the Boulevard 70 CS?

The Safest and Best Convertible Car Seats: Britax Advocate 70 Cs or the Boulevard 70 CS
by Jerry Patterson

Two of the safest and best convertible car seats are made by Britax.  They are the Britax Advocate 70 CS and the Britax Boulevard 70 CS.

These two seats have all of the safety features you’d expect in a top rated car seat and much more.  Britax is definitely cutting edge when it comes to safety.

Both of these seats are convertible seats which means they begin service as rear facing seats and then depending on a child’s size are turned to face forward at some point.  These seats are rear facing from newborn to 40 pounds depending on your child’s height.  They are forward facing from 20 pounds to 70 pounds again depending on height.  However it’s recommended that children be in a rear facing seat for as long as possible.

Extra Safety Features

The two seats have all of these safety features in common: SafeCells, Versa-Tether, side impact protection, click and safe harness indicator and many other more common safety features.

SafeCells are made to be compressed in an accident and this reduces the forward motion of the child’s seat.

Versa-Tether is a tether webbing that also slows movement toward the front seat in the event of a crash.

True Side impact protection is an additional piece of foam that is designed to make sure the neck and head are in correct alignment so crash forces would be evened out as crash energies are absorbed.

The Click and Safe harness indicator lets you know with a click so you can hear when the harness is tightened correctly.  All car seats have to pass U.S. government crash standards but these are features that go beyond those standards.

How Are the Advocate and the Boulevard Seats Different?

The only differences between these two seats are price, fabric design/color and what Britax calls “Side Impact Cushion Technology”.   The side of the Britax Advocate 70 CS has what looks like airbags but serve as cushions to absorb side impact crash energy.  Britax says they reduce forces from an accident by 45%.

This extra cushion is the main difference between these two Britax car seats.  The Britax Advocate sells for about $25 more than the Boulevard.

These Seats Are At the High End of the Car Seat Price Range

These two seats are well known as top of the line seats that are rated highly by owners and also seats with a high price tag.

There are cheaper seats than the Britax convertible seats but there is a good reason for that.  First these Britax convertible seats will be in use for a long time since they are designed for newborns through 70 pounds unlike cheaper seats.  They have safety and comfort extras also which tend to keep your children happier and safer on longer trips.

These two Britax convertible car seats safety and comfort features combined with their long term use make them definitely worth any parent’s consideration.

Jerry Patterson is the creator of the site,     He is a grandparent and an advocate for children's safety.  His reviews include the Britax Boulevard 70 CS.  He has reviewed other highly rated car seats on his car seat reviews page.