Friday, December 30, 2011

Stop Cold Turkey: Over-Exercise and Crash Diets

Over-exercise and crash diets are the two ways that most people think are helpful to help them slim down their body. A fat belly is not the desire of men and women ever since. Having sexy abs and wonderful thighs are a few things that make many of us so eager to exercise and limit our food intake. But do you think these are good enough to reach the size your waistline? Some people think that these are helpful but according to the experts and studies, over-exercise and crash diets have bad results. Let’s find out how why.

Because of the extreme desire of people to keep their body in shape, they tend to exercise more and more. Even it takes long hours of warm up in a day, people will mostly like do it for the sake of their weight loss pattern. But what they don’t realize about this over-exercise is that it can stimulate more the hunger of a person wherein they will likely eat more calories to satisfy their taste. Working out more than 2 hours a day is already an over-exercise.

People that usually do this suffer from psychological hunger. After an excessive exercise, you like to reward yourself with high calorie foods. So what do you think is the result of this over-exercise? Gain of weight, right? So, to combat this, you need to consider your meals effectively. Eat light snacks and don’t miss or skip your meals especially your breakfast.

Speaking of your meals, it is important that you have the best meal plan set for you. Crash diet is good but it can also be unhealthy to do. Why? As its other word suggests, starvation diet, it can really make you starve and make you feel like eating more after the few weeks of your diet. An excessive drop of calorie you intake compare to your usual calorie consumption can’t be prolonged for more longer weeks of diet. Many people do this, but unfortunately, they never succeed because they feel eating more. In this type of diet, you need patience and endure just to continue it.

Crash diets will more likely fail you, therefore, stop cold turkey and shift to low-calorie diet meals. But of course, this low-calorie diet needs the supervision of your weight-loss professional instructor. When you are on a diet, you still need to be sure that you still have the consumption of the needed nutrients in your body. If not, you will still have an ineffective weight-loss management. If you want lasting results of your weight-loss pattern, ask help from a professional, follow the advice and reap the rewards after.

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