Friday, December 9, 2011

5 Reasons Every Woman Should Take a Self Defense Course

If you are a woman who has ever had to walk down a dark street by yourself, had a tire blowout while travelling alone, or been surprised by an unexpected knock on your front door, then you know what it feels like to suddenly be aware of your vulnerability. This awareness sparks a need for protection, and who can you count on to always be there to protect you? You. Here are five reasons every woman should take a self defense course:

No one is safe. That sounds a little harsh, but there really is no room to sugar-coat things when it comes to your safety. You have no guarantee that you will never have the need to protect yourself - none. Therefore, you are taking a risk if you don't learn how. Is that really a risk you want to take?

Empowerment. Even if you never have to use what you learn in your self defense course (and let's just hope for your sake that you don't), there is no question that you will inevitably take something from the course that betters you as a person. This is called empowerment. There's nothing quite like the feeling of knowing - not just in your head, but through actual experience - that you have what it takes to fend for yourself if the need ever presents itself. You may walk into a self defense course unsure of yourself, but you will walk out of it with your head held high and your shoulders back in confidence.

Teach the children. If you have children, or are a role model for any child in any way, then one of the best things you can do to be a good example is to take control of your situation - to arm yourself with what it takes to handle any situation that comes your way. Taking a self defense course is just that - taking control and arming yourself.

Stick around. Don't you want to be around for all those who love and care about you? Well, then, if you don't want to take a self defense course for you, at least do it for them. Give your family and friends peace of mind by educating yourself on your own safety.

Insurance. How much do you spend on health insurance each month? How about car insurance? Or life insurance? So why don't you think you need safety insurance? Self defense skills are safety insurance, and when it comes to being in a life or death situation, a self defense course is the most valuable insurance policy you can have.

You have no excuse not to enroll for the next self defense course you can - as soon as possible. That's because you never know when the worst might happen, and you owe it to yourself to be prepared.

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 About the Author: Adelaida Garan has taken several self defense classes and recommends them to everyone - men and women. You never know when you might need to defend yourself or someone you love.