Friday, December 9, 2011

Great tips on how to keep your bathroom spotless!

Having a clean and sanitary bathroom is important. Not only does it make using it more pleasurable and make the room as a whole more inviting, it helps to keep your whole family healthy and prevents you running up expensive repair and renovation bills that some problems can cause. However, keeping the room clean can sometimes be difficult when the right items are not used or available. Remember, a clean bathroom includes all of the surfaces inside it as well as the various components. Mirrors, faucets and sinks can be hard to clean without the proper products.

There are tips to make cleaning the bathroom easier for most people. One way to avoid the build up of moisture and unpleasant smells is to have the area well ventilated. Bathrooms with built-in fans make ventilating the area easier just by simply turning on the fan. Keeping the door ajar when the room is not being used will also help circulate air to get rid of any odors. In Summer you can also look at leaving the window slightly open, as this will leave the room with a pleasant fragrance and help to stop the air from getting stale. Good air circulation will also get rid of moisture, which can lead to the formation of bacteria. Also, when you finish using the bathroom and as part of your normal cleaning routine, simply wipe away pooled water.

Another useful tip is to wipe down any surfaces made with tiles. To keep the tile looking nice, it is better to use a clean soft cloth than one with abrasive material. If your tiles are shiny then rub them down with a circular motion to prevent streaking. The grout in between each tile is often where dirt collects. If this area is not properly cleaned it can form mildew. If mildew is present, a good way to get rid of it is by using a mixture of bleach and water. Getting into these small spaces is easier if you use an old toothbrush.

People often put off cleaning the toilet because it is the hardest item to keep clean. This job requires the use of a good detergent to kill bacteria and get rid of stains. Keeping a toilet brush handy will also help, especially if everyone using the toilet does their bit. In addition to using detergent and bleach, vinegar can also be used to keep the toilet fresh and clean.

Generally, wiping down surfaces to remove moisture and build up of water and soap residue will help to keep your bathroom sparkling and attractive for years to come. Remember that a clean bathroom is also a safe bathroom.

Emma Cub is a writer who works for Liberty Bathrooms, who specialise in a range of easy to clean cheap bathroom suites and other hard wearing and easy to maintain sanity ware.