Monday, December 5, 2011

Top five Gift Ideas For People On A Budget

For those on a tight budget birthdays and holidays can be stressful. It doesn’t have to be, though. There are many great gifts out there that will fit into a small budget. Here are some of the best gifts on a budget to consider for the next holiday or birthday.

1. Photo gifts
Almost any retailer that prints photos offers photo gifts. These gifts range from photo coffee mugs, calendars and ornaments to more expensive canvas prints to be displayed in the home. There is a photo gift to fit any style and budget.

You might create a calendar featuring the person or the family’s favourite photos from throughout the year. If you are creating a gift for a close family member like a grandparent you might create a calendar featuring favourite photos of your children from throughout the year.

2. A gift from your kitchen
You do not need to be the world’s greatest chef to create a great edible gift. If you enjoy baking you could bake cookies and place them in a holiday themed box bought from a craft store or other retailer.

If you would prefer not to bake or cook you could make a mix like a soup mix or hot cocoa mix and give it in a jar with instructions attached.

3. Give the gift of your time
If money is really tight you might try offering a service as a gift. For example if you have friends or family with young children an offer to baby sit will be a welcome and very useful gift. For your parents you might offer to do some work around the house they need done. For a spouse you could make dinner and give him or her a massage.

4. Keep it simple for children’s gifts
If you are shopping for children on a budget keep in mind that children do not need elaborate and expensive gifts. Most children will be pleased with very simple gifts. Blocks, baby dolls and books are all simple, inexpensive gifts that are typically loved by children.

You might also consider giving a child you are close to the gift of a day spent together. You could take the child to the beach with a picnic, visit a museum or even visit the zoo.

5. Give a gift for the recipient’s hobby
If the gift recipient has a hobby he or she really enjoys try finding an inexpensive gift he or she can use to enjoy the hobby. If the person enjoys cooking you might find some inexpensive cook books on sale or even check your local thrift store for appropriate cookbooks.

Gifts do not need to be expensive to be thoughtful and generous. Use your skills, shop smart and keep your recipient’s interests in mind and you will find a great gift on any budget.

This artical was written by Alex from LateLateGifts - your one stop shop for same day gifts. Perfect for the disorganised shopper.