Monday, December 5, 2011

BOOK REVIEW: Dax Rigby, War Correspondent by John B. Rosenman

Dax Rigby, War Correspondent is a Science Fiction Adventure.

Dax Rigby works for TransWorld and has just landed on the very hot and humid planet of Aracadia.  His latest assignment is to cover the war between the Flyers, a strange bird-like praying mantis type creature and the Hoppers. a grasshopperish creature.  Upon first setting foot onto the planet, Dax realizes that something isn't right.

Reporting to Major Campbell, Dax is shocked when he realizes that she may be high on drugs and is acting very strange, talking about conspiracies and cover-ups.  The people on the planet looked drained and devoid of life and he is bewildered as to why none of this was in his reports.

After  befriending a Flyer within the first hour, Dax sets out to uncover the story.  Not wishing to believe the Major, Dax hopes that all will be well.  His love, Lexis is back home and the reason he is even on Arcadia is to appease her father, who pulled "strings" in order for Dax to report this mission.  However, things are beginning to look like Dax will never return and if he does, will he be arrested for the things he knows and uncovers?

I enjoyed the writing style of author, John Rosenman, and was pleased to be enraptured by his flow.  I have never read anything by the author and wasn't sure what to expect.  I liked how Dax was written with both a naivety and worldly-ness about him. I was impressed with the world building and could almost feel the oppressive heat.

I enjoyed the intrigue and how the story drew you further in as well as the comedic aspect that Dax shared via his thoughts to the situations surrounding him.  I found the descriptions of the people and the scenes to be climatic in their approach, you couldn't help but wonder what was causing such mishaps and depravity to grow.

I would give Dax Rigby, War Correspondent a four out of five stars.  It was a very good read but I felt that the romance aspect was a little flat, I just didn't get the feel that Lexis was an integral part of the story and I wasn't interested in reading about her as I was with the rest of the plot.  However, it is a very entertaining read, the story tie up was great and I am sure most science fiction fans will enjoy!

As WWIII rages on Earth, War Correspondent Dax Rigby travels to the savage planet Arcadia to investigate and report on the Western Alliance’s mission there. Soon, he fights not only to save two intelligent alien species from extinction, but also to rescue a dying human outpost threatened by a mysterious disease.

Facing assassination attempts, seduction from a passionate pilot, and his own mysterious powers of resurrection, Dax struggles to maintain his loyalties and complete his mission. The fate of two worlds hangs in the balance. Will he find a way to redefine both his identity and his destiny in time?

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