Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Top Alternative Christmas Gifts for Children

Christmas is a mere fortnight away, and there are many people in the general public who have got themselves organised with purchasing their presents for friends and family this year. There are those of us who don’t have the first clue about what to get for people and are yet to make a dent in the Christmas shopping list this year, and it is about now that we begin to panic.So I’ve decided to help people out by making suggestions that will make you look like a hero this Christmas, to the extent that children who receive a present off of you will probably start calling you ‘Santa’.

1. Wooden Letters:  Kids are notoriously difficult creatures to buy presents for. They seem to have a new toy on a weekly basis, and keeping up with fashion trends is something that many of us have no hope whatsoever of doing. Children also tend to have at least ten people who are buying them gifts for Christmas, so buying something original, enduring, and special is no mean feat. I’ve found that a great solution for this is to buy some form of wooden lettering to go in the child’s bedroom, or on their bedroom door, be it the alphabet to encourage learning, the name of a football team, or the child’s name itself, wooden letters can be whatever you need them to be, and there are plenty of styles to choose from so all tastes are catered for.

2. Wall stickers:
  Any parent will know that kids are notoriously creative, and this is generally to the detriment of the design of their house when their child gets hold of a pen/paint/makeup, and doodles on the nearest surface to display their artistry. A good solution to this is to buy a couple of packs of wall stickers and let the child go nuts in their bedroom with them. It is a great way to avoid unwanted graffiti on your living room wall, and allows the child to express themselves without making a mess.

3. Original wooden toys:  Children today have no real understanding of a toy that doesn’t break after a couple of weeks use. Of course those among us who are of the more mature variety will tell you that a wooden toy is something that lasts for a lifetime due to the quality of the craftsmanship, and they are not wrong. With so many wooden toys available, you will be spoilt for choice as to what you can buy for a child, and it is pretty much guaranteed to stay with the child forever.

4. Soothing music:  This one is for the very young children, but will be highly appreciated by the parents. One of the best ways to help the development of a baby is to let it listen to soothing classical music, and is especially effective at night as it will help the child to get off to sleep. A must buy for parents who have a hard time comforting their little ones.

So there you have it, a list of some great Christmas gift ideas that will allow you to buy something really special and lasting for a child this Christmas.

Tom is a traditional toy enthusiast, who enjoys making wooden letters as a hobby and is a huge fan of Christmas.