Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Fun Attractions That You Shouldn’t Miss In Bronx Zoo

I want you to experience the best things in Bronx Zoo. It’s not enough that you see their animals. That’s usual for zoos. Hence, you have to know the best attractions in this unbelievable Zoo. That way, you can make the most out of your stay. Please use the guide below if you plan to visit here. I have written some of the most sought about attractions from this famous landmark.

Let’s categorize the attractions into 2 parts. We have the indoor attractions and the outdoor attractions. Let’s begin with the indoor ones.

Be a birdwatcher and learn their behavior. Visit World of Birds and you’ll have the chance to meet birds from different regions. If you are lucky, you’ll see male birds courting the female ones. I’m sure that you want to listen to their beautiful songs. You can experience that in this attraction.

Crawl like a hamster in the Mouse House. In this attraction, you will appreciate these so called “pests”. What adds creepiness in this room is that it’s dark. That way, you will be able to see what they really do. Trust me, you wouldn’t want to go to the World of Reptiles after this. That’s because you’ll see rodents being eaten by snakes!

NYC - Bronx - Bronx Zoo: Butterfly GardenEnjoy this great and colorful attraction, the Butterfly Garden. This can be very relaxing for those who are stressed out. Aside from the multicolored butterflies, you will be serenaded with classical music. You are also allowed to smell the fresh flowers. Who says that you can’t become a butterfly for a day?

If you have a lot of Zoo coupons, you might want to try their outdoor activities.

Experience Africa’s safari in Congo Gorilla Forest. You will not only see different animals like monkeys, snakes and zebras. You’ll have the chance to be in their shoes. If you want to know what snakes see, you will be allowed to use an infrared camera. And if you want to be a hero, you can be a Gorilla’s guardian.

Rest for a while and take the Zoo Shuttle. If you are tired of walking and running, you can just take a shuttle. This lets you check out the attractions without the need to move your legs. This is advisable if you are quite old, or if you have weak lungs.

Do these activities and I’m sure that you will have a hard time forgetting your Bronx Zoo trip. And please, always bring your camera with you. Charge your batteries and empty your card’s memory.   

Kim Bookman is an avid shopper and mother of two young boys, who love going to the Zoo. She helped create Zoo Coupons online, so other mothers and fathers can save money while visiting their favorite hometown Zoo. Checkout the coupons available such as the one at San Diego Zoo Coupons to start saving today!