Monday, December 12, 2011

Tent or Camper Trailer? Which is the Better Option?

Camping is all about enjoying the experience and thrill of being in the wild, far from development. There is always the consciousness of planning each day carefully before you run out of supplies or get lost in the way. It also gives you the opportunity to explore nature up close and personal at no consequence. You will get to enjoy with your family and there is never any imminent danger. Since it involves some amount of risk, after all you are going far from all of city’s basic amenities like hospitals, schools and law enforcement, camping is always thrilling. Those families who take out their weekends to go for camping know better how much fun it can be with just a change of route.

Importance of Planning a Camp

The bigger role that takes place in camping is the place where you stop and set up for a night stay. This is important because if you do not have a proper setup, it can make experience miserable because no one will come out to help you anytime soon. Eventually the question lies whether to purchase a camp or have a camper trailer. There are some pros and cons, but we can notice that there is an increasing trend of camper trailers among families. Bachelors who like to camp might just purchase a tent because it is cost effective, but still there are some reasons why you may want to choose either one of them.


Tents have always been there and they are easier to find. But there are some intrinsic advantages too that everyone will definitely feel. Here are some factors that are unique to tents:
  • They are affordable and re-usable
  • They are easier to pack and light to carry even for a small family
  • You do not need to purchase anything extra to carry or maintain them
  • It brings you closer to nature as comfort is minimal
  • Basic features are not available, like washroom facilities and shower
  • Not always ideal for long camp trips
  • Requires more precautions and they are a bit harder to setup

Camper Trailers

Camper trailers come in a big variety of features and they can even be custom made. Once you purchase one of these then it becomes an investment that you can use for years to come. It even has a resale value so you will never lose too much on this.
  • They are much more expensive and need to be carefully purchased
  • They can have any kind of feature, that includes electricity supply and water supply
    You will need to consider camper trailer insurance
  • It is easier to setup
  • Better suited for longer trips
  • It accommodates a strict limited number of people
  • There are luxurious versions for your choices
  • Rentals are also available


If you want to decide which one of these would be best suited for your family then you might as well go for a safe option. Remember that camper trailers are best purchased when you know you will be camping a lot in near future. Tents are a lot cheaper and perhaps good if you just want to try out camping for the heck of it. Tents will bring you closer to dangers of nature; you can expect some crawling creatures to crawl around your tent.

Proper precautions can make a tent just as safe as a camper trailer but there will always be some thrill and responsibility to look after. They are clearly made for a different purpose since the benefits are widely different. If you are a group of guys who want to be daring and need to experience more than camps are a much better choice because they can even be set up at places where roads don’t exist, hence you get an experience worth remembering.

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