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Passionate About Pizza - Different Styles of Pizza

Do you have a passion for pizza? It is a magical mix of Americans favorite ingredients, cheese meat and buttered bread. There are over 60,000 pizza parlors in the United states alone, making this fun food an American classic. But pizza hasn’t always been a favorite consumption of people or even Americans. It started as a peasant food in the Middle Eastern and Mediterranean. Today it is revered in some cultural circles as an esteemed dish of choice.

But not all pizza pies are created equal. There are many types ranging from thin to thick, to meaty to meatless. It may be hard to distinguish what types of pizza will cure the hungry belly. Here is list to help you understand what you can bite your teeth into.

Different Types of Pizza

Sicilian Pizza
Italian style pizza is often called Napolentana or Sicilian style. The name of pizza is referred to what location it originated from. Sicilian style pizza is very different from Napolitano. The Sicilian way to perfect a pizza pie is linked to their cultural, religious and countries traditions.
The crust is often brushed with egg, which helps create a crispy bubbly crust. In American, a Sicilian pizza is usually square with dough about 1-inch thick.

Napoleon Pizza
1n 1984, Antonio Pace, owner of the restaurant Ciro a Santa Brigida in Naples, had an issue with the way the world was commercializing pizza.

He did not approve of pizza in America, or around the world. His restaurant always provided traditional savory Italian food. So he got together with some nutritionist friends and created the Association Verace Pizza Napoletana, which is dedicated to preserving 'real Neapolitan pizza.'

Authentic Neapolitan pizzas are typically made with tomatoes and mozzarella cheese. The crust is usually made with olive oil and no bigger then 1/8-inch thick.

Chicago Style Pizza
The wourld famous, Chicago-style pizza is a classic deep-dish style created in Chicago. It has a crispy buttery crust that is often 3-inches tall. It has more cheese than any other type of pizza, and is smothered in chunky tomato sauce. This feast is often called stuffed pizza, because it is stuffed with fresh ingredients, and no doubt that is how you will feel after indulging in this Midwestern classic cusine.

New York Style
In the early 1900's came about the New York style Pizza, which started in Manhattan, New York. It has a large, thin, wide and shape. Which makes the eating expierence foldable. The traditional toppings are tomato sauce and thick mozzarella cheese. Authentic to New York, the slices are most often eaten as a 'street snack' while folded in half.

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