Wednesday, December 14, 2011

5 Top Attractions in Fiji

The Republic of Fiji is a small archipelago of more than 332 islands in the South Pacific. Denarau and Nadi are the main islands where travelers visit for the pristine beaches, water sports and relaxing holidays in the sun. The top five attractions for tourists in Fiji are:

Bouma National Park

On Taveuni Island in the north, Bouma National Park is the largest park in Fiji. It has over 30 waterfalls, well maintained walking trails as well as bush hiking trails and beautiful coral reefs with fantastic snorkeling. Famous for eco-tourism, the area is less developed that other places in Fiji and the local people are very welcoming. There is world famous diving at Rainbow Reef just 15 minutes away by boat.


There is fantastic ziplining between two peaks over the Pacific Harbor region. Zip over the jungle and tree canopy along with the many tropical birds in the area. The ride is very safe and can be arranged so that disabled visitors may enjoy this fantastic experience. Only one and a half hours from the Nadi region it is an adrenaline rush not to be missed.

Whitewater Rafting

In the Pacific Harbor region whitewater rafting is available for experts and novices alike. It is a unique experience for anyone even for people who have whitewater rafted many times. There are guides that see to the safety of everyone while the rafts race through gorges, over and under waterfalls, ravines, canyons and corridors. This is an activity completely different from walking, hiking, surfing and diving and well worth it.

The Salad Bowl Cave

The Salad Bowl or Sigatoka Valley is a valley in Viti Levu in the Nadi region. There is a river at the bottom of the valley with a traditional village where visitors experience a kava ceremony with a local drink made from the root of the kava plant and a bamboo raft ride across the river. On the opposite bank there are caves where ancient Fijian cannibals used to live. This attraction includes local history along with great natural beauty and is excellent for viewing the local side of Fiji. It is a good place to visit for children also, because the caves are fascinating.

Local Cruises

From Denarau Island there are several day cruises to see great marine attractions. One cruise to a private island provides lots of food and drinks as well as many activities including snorkeling, boating, beach volleyball, fishing, glass bottom boats and kayaks. There are also day trips for scuba diving and fishing. Some of the islands are very small, and it only takes five minutes to walk around the island. Thatched shelters are there for shade as well as optional massage at a reasonable price.

There are many more exciting things to do in Fiji including visiting volcanoes, shopping at the Suva Municipal Market, bargaining for handicrafts, touring the government buildings and Albert Park. Fiji combines the best of a beach holiday destination and fascinating ancient, traditional culture that is still alive and very happy to receive visitors.

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