Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Green Cooking for the 21st Century

Gone are the days when using fuel at home to cook was as simple as switching on a power socket and turning the dial to the necessary temperature setting. Of course, physically, it still is that simple, but in terms of conscience, the modern 21st Century cook has energy efficiency and environmental concerns to contend with. He or she has to ask: “Am I a green cook”.

Green Cooking

The concept of green cooking is focused around saving the environment by using as little energy as possible to achieve the same, delicious results in the kitchen, whilst also enabling the homeowner to save money on what is now recognised as something that is here to stay – high home energy prices.

Fortunately, kitchen appliance manufacturers are all too keen to cash in on a huge market – the green appliance – and create more energy efficient equipment for the home cook.

Induction Hobs

Induction hobs have two highly desirable attributes; they use the energy they consume efficiently, ensuring that only heat is generated when it’s needed, and they are an incredibly safe and flameless option for the family home.

Safety is a key element for any family that has children. The benefit of using an induction hobs is not only because it is flameless however - they are also green. Unlike traditional cooking equipment, and induction hob releases no heat unless there is an electromagnetic connection with pan placed on it. In a way, it’s heat on demand (by the pan). This means heat is produced only when the item requiring that heat needs it. From a cook’s perspective, induction cooking is akin to a cross between traditional electric cooking and the superb control of a gas range.

Electric Cookers

Old style electric cookers have mainly disappeared from domestic appliance showrooms because they were big, bulky, difficult to clean and maintain and used large amounts of electricity. Today’s modern electric cookers are far more efficient, have easy to clean flat, hardened glass hobs and carry better heat control functions – a feature which was sadly lacking in the past and one reason why professionals have taken years to warm to electric cooking.

Gas Cooking

Gas cookers remain the domain of the serious cook and professional chef. Even induction hobs still don’t rival the instant heat control of the gas hob, something which is an essential requirement for the very best chefs and those aspiring to be the latest masterchef’s of the age.

The drawback is, of course, that gas is highly expensive. As gas reserves begin to run-dry, the price is never likely to come down again, and for many, it’s a luxury that can be easily made up for using other technologies and fuel supply.

The age of green cooking is upon us, and therefore, for the sake of your pockets and of your planet, it’s worth investigating all cooking appliance options when you’re next in the hunt for a new cooker. This way, not only will cooking be as easy as flicking a switch, you’ll have satisfied your conscience too.

Paul Banbury is a confident home cook and has worked within the kitchenware and kitchen appliance industry as a sales adviser. He recommends Electrcial Discount UK for their huge range of kitchen appliances including electric cookers, gas hobs, dishwashers and fridge freezers.