Tuesday, December 6, 2011

BOOK REVIEW: Haunted by Douglas Misquita

Haunted is an Action Thriller.

FBI Special Agent Kirk Ingram has just found out his wife plans on leaving him if he doesn't pay attention to his family and less attention to his career.  On the night he plans to put his job on the backburner and spend his future with his wife, Madeline, and his daughter, Lisa, events occur that will irrecovacably change their lives forever.  As the family is driving home from a family outing,  Kirk receives a phone call telling him he had better listen or his family will die.

Agreeing to meet the mysterious people, he soon comes to realize that it is a trap and his family are in serious danger.  After a shoot out with Mafia members who have  a revenge agenda and some FBI backup, Kirk's like is about to become haunted by the memories of this night.  Life, as he once knew it, is about to change forever.

Vowing to wipe out organized crime at any cost, Kirk must face his own demons while struggling to remove them from society.  In the end, only truth and justice shall prevail!

I enjoyed reading the action found within the pages, it keeps you turning them and you can almost visualize the events unfolding.  They are described in such detail that you cannot help but become enthralled with the narrative.

There were many aspects to grasp, such as, terrorism, revenge, police red tape, suicide bombings and death on almost every page.  The characters are all wrapped up in a tale that leaves the reader wondering what is happening and who is the antagonists as you continue to read the plot as it twists and turns.

The dialogue was often written with clarity and it read well and the thoughts shared with the reader remained believable throughout the story.  I did find a few of the back stories concerning the FBI agents to be redundant and not necessary for the plot to further develop.

I would give Haunted a three out of five stars.  While I enjoyed the action scenes, the continual addition of characters was frustrating and it often interrupted with the reading flow as you sometimes needed to backtrack in order to realize the situation at hand.  I also found some of the back stories lacked depth and I was often drawn out of the story.  However, if you enjoy reading some great action scenes then you will certainly enjoy reading Haunted.

FBI Special Agent Kirk Ingram's life is torn apart when his family is brutally murdered before his eyes. Devastated physically and psychologically, he vows to destroy organized crime in all forms.

Across the globe, an international trade house brings terrorist activities and organized crime together in a deadly nexus that threatens to bring the world- order to the point of anarchy.

And only one man stands in the way of global terror and paranoia...

One man seeking redemption, and waging a personal battle against the demons of his past...

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