Monday, December 12, 2011

Garden Design Ideas

A well planned out garden is not only a place to plant plants and trees, but also a great place to spend your time relaxing and enjoying the beauty of nature. There are many types of gardens depending on a person’s taste and choice of layout. You can make a garden anywhere you choose in your house, you can have an indoor garden if you want or can have a terrace garden or an outdoor one.  While gardens are made according to individual choice and taste, there are two types of gardens which can be strongly distinguished those are flower gardens and landscaping gardens.

If a person is planning on setting up a garden at home, there are many garden design ideas that one can choose from. The choice of garden design depends on your individual taste and the availability of space. A garden can be set up in a small space or you can have a large sprawling landscaped garden if you choose.  Let’s take a look at some interesting garden design ideas that one can use to set up a...

Garden At Home
Garden for small space: Nowadays small gardens are gaining in popularity due to the limited space available in houses as well as the fact that small garden are easy to maintain and looks good. The idea to decorate your small space gardens is to have more of vertical plants which will save you place. You can use specific colors in your garden so that the garden looks uniform, place appropriate number of plants in your garden so that you got sufficient place to move around while the accessories you choose should be of appropriate size to your garden.

Wall Garden Ideas
The concept of a wall garden is used by those who like to cover their high walls or those who want some privacy from outside. The ideas to prepare a garden by placing plants that are tall and less dense along with shorter plants which can grow in limited sunlight. Following this garden design idea would make your garden look denser and is suited for small passages. However you may need a good contractor to help you build this garden design.

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Garden Terrace
These gardens are more popular with those who have big houses with a large terrace attached. The garden terrace is an ideal design for your house, which allows you to view your garden from various rooms. The terrace garden is generally attached with your living room which gives you a relaxing experience; it is also a great place to entertain your friends, when they come over. To design a terrace garden, one should have plants that are not very tall. If your terrace has ample sunlight through the day, you can plant flowering plants, placing plants which have aromatic flowers will always give your home a pleasant atmosphere. You can add some accessories in between the plants that would make your terrace garden look attractive.

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Informal Garden style
These types of gardens are created when plants are placed in such a way that they have twist and turns according to the space available. These gardens can be made any where you want, in this type of a garden you can place small and average height plants, you can add flowering plants which will add more color in your garden.Meditation garden: In this particular type of garden, plants are placed for meditation purpose. To make a meditation garden one should place plants which are flowering which will sooth your eyes, plants which have soothing aroma can be very useful during meditation.

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Rose garden
In this type of garden different type of roses are planted which have a beautiful aroma. Rose gardens should be planned carefully, one should not plant too many roses of one type which make the garden look monotonous, place roses of different colors side by side keeping equal distance between them, and you can place contracting color roses side by side.

Above are some types of garden which can be created in your home according to size and your personal  liking .Various other changes can be done in garden style to complement the individual taste.
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