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BOOK REVIEW: Served Cold by Chuck Waldron

Served Cold is a General Fiction Action/Advenutre.

As Walter Parker lay dying from cancer, he needs to tell the truth to his son, Sean, about his life and his true identity.

Sean was born Jason Marshall Powers-Viel; his parents, Jennifer and Marshall were very much in love but one thing stood in the way of their happiness.  Their fathers absolutely loathed each other and the young adults are told never to meet again.

Love happens in some of the strangest places and the two couldn't deny their love.  After Jenn gets pregnant and her father, Greg, learns of the affair, he becomes enraged and orders the beheading of Marshall.  After the package has been delivered, a vengeance like no other erupts and Jennifer, the baby she is carrying and her father's bodyguard, Rocky, are on the run; trying to stay two steps ahead of Skipper Veil and his henchmen.

After Jason is born, things go awry and Rocky is now on the run with an infant boy in his care.  For years they hid, changing their names and identities, however, Jason never knew of his beginnings, he truly believed himself to be the son of Rocky, who is now Walter.

Sean has much to consider as he absorbs this information about his past and he can feel the anger building within him.  And all Sean wants revenge!

I thought Served Cold was a decent read.  I loved the way the story unfolds, through the memories of a dying man.  The shock as the story uncovers was intriguing and one couldn't help but continue with the story to see its outcome.

I enjoyed the story development and found myself wondering how Sean was going to deal with all that he had learned.  The confusion and distrust that surrounded him as he returned home to his loved ones and how he resolves those issues was believable.

I loved reading about all the Canadian content, being a Canadian myself, I knew relatively where the author was explaining as you sped through the streets trying to make get away from the chaos.  I loved reading about Toronto and her surrounding areas and thought it was great that the majority of the stories setting took place there.

I would give Served Cold a three and a half stars out of five.  While I enjoyed reading the story, I wasn't sure what the point of it all was.  I never understood the vendetta betwixt the two families, it was never properly explained, so I was left with an empty feeling as to why any of the events occurred.  I never really got to feel much for the couple, Jenn and Marshall, and wished there had been a bit more back story concerning the two. 

The writing style is great and the author does have a way of capturing your attention and anyone who reads this would find it enjoyable.  There are mild expletives as are the  graphic situations found throughout the pages.

For two families, revenge served cold is not on the menu. Fuelled by a long-standing feud between the clan patriarchs, nothing less than hot-blooded vengeance will do... Called to the bedside of his dying father in Atlanta, a young man never expects what is waiting for him. In a hospital room the man who raised him, isn’t his father. Instead, he learns about his true parents and a feud that went horribly wrong. For years an uneasy balance of power between two powerful businessmen remained intact. But when one discovers his daughter is pregnant and the father is the son of his hated enemy, a deadly game tips the balance. In a violent power play, he orders her lover killed, sending a clear signal to his nemesis. In hot-blooded retaliation, his adversary arranges punishment, a hit on the other family, drawing a special target on the head of the most prized possession: the young daughter. A trusted bodyguard and driver – with a few shady connections of his own – escapes with the mother-to-be to the presumed safety and anonymity to await a birth, a new beginning. But no place on Earth is safe from all-out revenge. As assassins close in, Rocky narrowly escapes with newborn baby Sean and goes into hiding, creating a new identity. Disappearing into another world, he is able to raise Sean in peace for many years. Hearing this incredible story, a young man is drawn to the truth about his family roots and a growing need for some act of revenge, to seek atonement for the parents he never knew. What he discovers when he gets there will force him to make a choice: to succumb to a path set before him by the fate of his heritage, or turn away and forego the desire for vengeance pulsing in his veins?

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